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Speech and Language Therapy

Students who demonstrate difficulty with expressive and/or receptive language, articulation, communication and/or speech fluency may require speech/language therapy.  The Churchville-Chili Central School District employs seven speech therapists to support students in need. 

Our speech/language therapists can administer assessments in this area to students to determine if speech/language therapy is necessary.  Therapy may be provided in a group or individual setting, as well as within or outside of the classroom.

Students who demonstrate the need for speech/language therapy may demonstrate difficulties in the following areas:

  • Communication – saying sounds, speaking clearly and being understood
  • Language – trouble understanding what they hear or difficulty telling others their thoughts
  • Social Communication – Difficulty interpreting how others think and feel or trouble talking with other children
  • Cognitive communication – problem solving, using their imagination, recalling information
  • Fluency – speaking smoothly.  They may repeat sounds or words or may have long pauses when they talk
  • Feeding/Swallowing – difficulty eating and drinking during the day, impacting their ability to learn, socially interact with peers at specific parts of the day
  • Voice – tone of voice or voice volume

Speech and language problems may impact children from doing well academically. Our speech therapists support children in being more successful in school. 

Our Speech Therapists/Pathologists

Pamela Allen
Chestnut Ridge Elementary

Kendall Skuse

Michelle Raab-Crawford
CC Senior High School

Tracy McDonough
Churchville Elementary

Jennifer Hendel
CC Middle School (gr. 7/8)

Leah Brown
Fairbanks Road Elementary

Renee Yunker
CC Middle School (gr. 5/6)