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School Psychologists

The district employs nine school psychologists to support students.  School psychologists are involved in conducting psycho-educational evaluations to determine if students are eligible for services through the Committee on Special Education or Section 504.  School psychologists are also involved in supporting the Monique Burr Curriculum, Response to Intervention and our Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports initiatives.  Additionally, school psychologists consult with teachers who provide interventions to students who are struggling in school academically, social-emotionally and behaviorally.  

School psychologists use methods that ensure fair and unbiased evaluations.  The services are provided by a New York State certified school psychologist using the most up-to-date assessment tools available. 

Evaluations that are conducted by school psychologists may include: cognitive assessments, achievement testing, behavior rating scales, rating scales assessing executive functioning, functional behavior assessments and social histories.


If you have questions regarding the services provided by our school psychologists or need additional information, please contact:

Student Services Department
(585) 293-1800 ext. 2460