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K-4 Counseling Resources

Recovering from Traumatic Events

As students process information about traumatic events, there will be differing responses expressed by different children.  Our school counselors and mental health professionals are available for any student or staff member who needs help in dealing with their feelings or thoughts about a given situation.  

Here are some tips for families in supporting their children:

Encourage your children to talk, if they wish, and listen to their concerns.  Answer questions truthfully but at a level that is appropriate for your child’s age and development.  It is okay not to have an answer to “why it happened”.  Reassure your children that they are safe and that they are deeply cared about.  It is best to limit your child’s exposure to the media or conversations that include upsetting details about the event. Children take their cues from the adults around them, so it is wise not to share your own fears in your child’s presence.

If your child develops fears or is afraid to go to school reassure them that they are safe and our schools take many precautions to protect them.  Alert your child’s teacher, counselor and/or administrator if fearfulness continues or increases.

We have included several helpful links as you work through this tragedy with your child.


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