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Drug and Alcohol Counseling

Drug and alcohol use is a significant public health concern. At Churchville-Chili, we want to make sure that students and families have the resources necessary to live healthy, drug-free lifestyles. Our drug and alcohol counselor provides prevention education for students (K-12) and works closely with the district's mental health team, including school counselors, school social workers and school psychologists. The drug and alcohol counselor  also teaches prevention lessons in the classroom so all students learn healthy decision making skills. 

We know it can be hard to talk to children about these difficult topics. This page is dedicated to sharing resources to help parents talk to their children about drug and alcohol use.  



In April of 2019, Churchville-Chili participated in the Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS). The YRBS is designed and validated by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and has been conducted nationally and in several states and localities since 1990. The data collected after 2019 was skewed due to the pandemic. We anticipate the 2023 data will be more accurate, and we will update the website when it is available.  

  • 38.63% of high school students reported that they had ever used a vape product. 

  • 4.5% of high school students reported that they had used a vape product before the age of 13.  

  • 24.13% of high school students reported that they used a vape product on one or more of the past 30 days.  

THC & Vaping Presentation with Dr. Mendoza