This is where the action is!

For students at Churchville Elementary School, the library is where the action is. School Library Media Specialist Kathleen Andres said, “A library can, and should, be so much more for our students than a quiet, book-lined space for reading and research. In addition to a myriad of new media and online resources, libraries are becoming hotspots for experimentation.”

Certainly, the library at CES is often at the very center of new ideas and stimulating activities. Once a month, for example, the space becomes a bustling video production studio, complete with reporters, cameras, lighting and green screen — fourth-graders are recording the Churchville Elementary Show.

Andres and Computer Support Specialist Beth Mineti drive the project, with the help of Senior Library Clerk Valerie Barnard and ever-changing teams of fourth-grade onscreen talent. Every one of these journalists-to-be have submitted applications to be considered for their positions. Each monthly episode introduces a new set of onscreen correspondents who present regular features on art, music and physical education. School-wide character building initiatives play a big part in the programming, while roving reporters visit classrooms to give other students the opportunity to be part of the fun. 

Andres writes the scripts for each show with purpose. One show featured a class on cyberbullying and digital citizenship. Other segments have highlighted original illustrations with voiceovers by second-graders describing how to care for library books, interviews with kindergarteners returning from a field trip, fun ways to exercise at home, and an inside look at an innovative art lesson using found objects.

There is optimism that the project will grow over time, giving students more opportunity to get involved in writing and production. In the meantime, said Andres, “We can tie in many elements from different classes and curriculum, and try out new technology tools. Presenters learn valuable skills, working with others as a team and learning to think creatively. Perhaps the biggest benefit is that every month all of our students have the chance to see what’s happening in other classes and grades. It brings us all together and strengthens understanding and school spirit.”

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