Article: Graduation Honors Announced for Seniors

Graduation Honors Announced for Seniors

Principal Scott Wilson enjoyed the “normal-ness” of the event, even with social distancing and masks when not eating.

Churchville-Chili Senior High School is proud to announce that more than 40 percent of its graduating class of 2021 has achieved the designation of graduation cum laude (with honor) or higher.
    Thirty-one seniors will graduate summa cum laude (with highest distinction), having achieved a cumulative weighted grade point average (GPA) of 97 or above.
    Seventeen students will be honored with graduation magna cum laude (with distinction), awarded for GPAs of 95 to 96.999.
    Seventy students with GPAs of 90 to 94.999 have attained graduation cum laude.
    A special Scholastic Distinction recognition will be awarded to 42 students who have challenged themselves by completing five or more AP/IB courses and sitting for the corresponding AP/IB assessments.

Students were recognized at a special breakfast event on April 29, where they received certificates and were able to mingle with classmates many have not seen much of this year. Senior Mikayla Shipley appreciated the opportunity to reconnect with friends. “The year has been challenging for all of us,” she said. “It’s been harder to focus and to find balance between home, classes and sports. My parents have been very supportive.”

“The Class of 2021 Honor Graduates are a group of exceptional young adults who exemplify dedication, perseverance and resiliency,” said Senior High School Principal Scott Wilson. “They will be entered into Churchville-Chili Senior High School’s history as the inaugural class receiving formal Latin Honors at this June’s commencement ceremony. Our teachers, families and community should be very proud of our schools and our students for achieving such high marks during these unprecedented times. There is no higher recognition of academic greatness than graduating with honor, with distinction, or with highest distinction. I congratulate them all.”

Please join us in recognizing these exceptional students:

Summa Cum Laude – GPA of 97 or Above
Audrey Kohlman  /   Jaida Ward  /  Noah Bader
Jon LeFrois   /  Elisabeth Daley  /  Leah Marron
Morgan Zielke  /  Juliana Zampatori  /  Keegan Metcalfe
Samuel Lyon  /  Leah Ward  /  Heather Shields
Molly Morano  /  Madison Zielke  /  Riley Bauer
Kaitlyn Sipes  /  Kaila Fagan  /  Kayla Storie
Adriana Croce  /  Madison Sassone  /  Nicole Mathewson
Ryan Hewitson  /  Brennan Fingler  /  Rex Woodfield
Adrianna  Agnello  /  Noah Jenkins  /  Zoe Benz
Evelyn Patterson /   Chau Nguyen-Ho    
Michael Lipari  /  Sara Reeners   /
Magna Cum Laude – GPA of 95-96.999
Noah Donner  /  Luis King  /  Margaret Comfort
Kyle Cafarelli  /   Sophia Orologio  /   Amanda Inges
Katelyn Sassone  /   Demiana Hoch  /   Madilyn Hopkins
Loralei DiFlorio  /   Ryan Dick  /   Nathan Micillo
Shelby Bulbulian  /   Mikayla Shipley  /   Julian Kaiser
Kathleen Thomas  /   James McCaffery    

Cum Laude – GPA of 90-94.999
Alan Michael LeFrois  /   Skylar Williams  /   Larissa Calvin
Jacob Calus  /   Kayla Silverstein  /   Nikola Zavatkay
Cameron Tulloch  /   Aaron Phan  /   John Pellett
Daniel Muller  /   Skylar Donohue /    Laiba Qadeer
Amanda Sheehan  /   Ava Brueckman  /   Abdulaziz Ahmed
Kyleigh Penner /    Aaron Mantegna  /   Abigail Allchin
Chelsea Moreland  /   Kristina Herbst /    Meghan Parisi
Lauren Orr  /   Abigail Algarin  /   Natalie Beguhl
Connor Pinzon  /   Jaycee Karelus  /   Delaney Carroll
Ian Ruhland /    Amy Meisenzahl  /   Amanda Chatelle
Scott Elble  /   Jordan Robinson  /   Brandon Northup
Suriya Allain  /   Alexander Blondale  /   Ciara Woods
Jackson Moody  /   Caleb Bailey  /   Jacob Payne
Emma McDonough  /   Maria Wiater  /   Tayler Jusko
Caleb Talbott  /   Taylor Broussard  /   Anthony Ginevra
Taylor Calus  /   Jacob Robertson  /   Jenna Alden
Alena Perkins  /   Ilona Lukomsky  /   Victoria Zah
Natalie Mandrycky   /  Emma Guyette  /   Caleb Jennings
Jonathan Cherry  /   Nicholas Frey  /   Antonia Fiorito
Emma Girvin  /   Jack White  /   Sanaa Charles
Joseph Oliver /    Joseph Skuza  /   Heather Schenk
Leilani Whyte  /   Frank Austin  /   Elizabeth Strong
Cade Costanzo /    Michaela Youngblood    
Hannah Shipley  /   Colby McIlmoyle    

Scholastic Distinction Recognition
Adrianna Agnello  /   Timothy Kimble /    Laiba Qadeer
Noah Bader /    Luis King  /   Sara Reeners
Caleb Bailey  /   Audrey Kohlman  /   Jacob Roberston
Walker Birtchet /    Alan Michael LeFrois  /   Jordan Robinson
Taylor Broussard  /   Jon LeFrois /    Ian Ruhland
Shelby Bulbulian  /   Morgan Leupold  /   Madison Sassone
Magaret Comfort /   Michael Lipari  /   Heather Shields
Adrianna Croce  /   Sam Lyon  /   Kaitlyn Sipes
Elisabeth Daley /    Nicole Mathewson  /   Kayla Storie
Loralei DiFlorio  /   Keegan Metcalfe /    Jaida Ward
Brennan Fingler  /   Jackson Moody  /   Leah Ward
Ryan Hewiston  /   Molly Morano  /   Rex Woodfield
Madilyn Hopkins /   Evelyn Patterson  /   Madison Zielke
Julian Kaiser  /   Kyleigh Penner  /   Morgan Zielke

For the first time, the school’s commencement speakers will be chosen based on the content and power of their message, not on their GPA. The opportunity to speak at the 2021 graduation ceremony has been opened up to all graduating seniors, who were invited to submit proposals for the honor.

This is also Churchville-Chili’s first year of applying the university-inspired and aligned Latin Honors Model that is now used by the majority of school districts nationwide. The school joins 18 other Monroe County high schools in adopting the standard. The Latin Honors system promotes academic excellence, rigor and growth, rather than unhealthy competition for differences of one-hundredths or one-thousandths of a point on GPA. It honors students who excel academically and also challenge themselves with rigorous programs and courses. Fewer than half of U.S. colleges continue to use traditional class rank in admissions decisions and that number continues to drop.

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