Article: Water: a precious resource

Water: a precious resource

Two students reviewing their video public service announcement with librarian

Middle school earth science standards still include studying global resources like water, but how that looks in the classroom has changed. Teachers like Kori Long are finding ways to make learning more exciting, collaborative and hands-on. Students are investigating the challenges of pollution, drought, waste and lack of access to clean water. By the end of the unit, they have a better understanding of how real solutions require both knowledge and creative thinking. 
One part of the learning challenge included building a cost-effective water filter that can help supply clean water to people who need it. Fifth-graders collaborated on by using a variety of materials, like screening, cotton balls and coffee filters. Students considered cost, speed and effectiveness in determining the success of their filter.

After thoroughly exploring water quality and the importance of water as a resource, the students shared what they learned. With the help of librarian Rebecca Leathersich, students wrote and created video public service announcements (PSAs) detailing actions they and their peers can take to help conserve clean water.

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