Article: Going the distance to open career doors

Going the distance to open career doors

Students interacting with the presenter

The world is full of exciting jobs ? you just need to know where to look. Seventh-graders in FACS teacher Amanda Lydon’s classes got a fun introduction to career discovery recently, via a virtual trip to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Lydon arranged for students to participate in an interactive distance learning workshop focused on jobs in the NFL. 

As part of FACS curriculum and state standards for seventh grade, students have taken interest surveys, personality tests and done research for the past ten weeks on careers that interest them. The workshop, hosted by the Hall of Fame’s educational specialist, allowed students to see and be seen, and to ask questions. It included a tour of the facility and interviews with many of the behind-the-scenes professionals that help to run an NFL team. Using the Buffalo Bills as an example, the list of off-the-field careers runs the gamut ? from accountants and social media experts to graphic designers, culinary arts professionals, logistics coordinators and physical therapists.

“Almost every student could relate their desired future career path to a career on the list,” said Lydon. “This was an amazing tie-in activity to open their minds a little more and truly see that job opportunities are all around them. Even in places we never imagined they might be.”

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