2019 NHS Teacher of the Year

The Churchville-Chili Senior High Chapter of National Honor Society has selected math teacher Christian Case as the 2019 Churchville Chili Teacher of the Year. She will be the guest speaker at our 2019 induction ceremony on Oct. 28, 2019. Being recognized by our students for exemplary performance as a teacher is an extraordinary achievement. Congratulations, Ms. Case!
Here are excerpts from several nominations:  
“Ms. Case is a dedicated teacher who always strives to help her students do their best. I stay after regularly and she always spends as much time as she can with me while balancing helping other students. She always has a positive attitude when I arrive in class and wants to push us to be our very best.”

“She's always so nice and helpful, even though I don't even have her as a teacher this year, I had her last year. She's written me lots of letters of recommendation and she never complains or anything like that, she's always welcoming and willing to help.”

“She always does her best to adapt to everyone's different learning styles, as well as helping each student to learn and understand the curriculum as best as possible. She has a great work ethic, and will always do her best to make learning more fun and possibly easier. Each day in class, she also brings a positive attitude to the classroom through welcoming each student with a smile.”

“I believe Ms. Case is a good candidate for teacher of the year because she is very encouraging and strives to help you learn. There were many times I was concerned about my grade or not confident in my abilities and she would reassure me. She was encouraging when I did well on a test and kept pushing me to continue working hard. She is willing to explain anything you don’t understand and you can tell she loves what she does.”
“I believe that Ms. Case should be teacher of the year because of her attitude towards learning and her love for her students. She has been my personal favorite this year, not just because math is my favorite subject, but because she is so kind and is amazing at teaching the material. She has stayed after with me multiple times to give me extra help, but she is personable enough to hold a regular conversation with. It has been a privilege to get to know her and to take her class. Ms. Case should be teacher of the year because she has gone above and beyond for the benefit of her students learning.”

Photo: NHS Officers with Ms. Case (l-r) Grace Hunt, Serafina Wezelis, Christian Case, Lilly Gleason and Jenna Guyette.

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