Article: Setting Expectations at CRS

Setting Expectations at CRS

Rules have reasons: students decided that running can be dangerous and speaking loudly in the hallway disrupts learning.

Beginning a new year of school is always an adjustment for students who’ve been away for the summer. Do they remember how to act on the bus? How do you act with friends in the cafeteria? What are the rules when you are in the hallway or the bathrooms?

After a year of hybrid learning, with time away from large groups of peers and the school structure, students need a little extra support to get back in the swing of things. Chestnut Ridge School teachers are helping with a series of Behavior Expectation Stations. The goal is to set clear expectations in the beginning of the year giving students a solid framework for good behavior.

“We are holding the Stations for each classroom in the building to learn and practice the specific behavior that’s expected for the bus, cafeteria, hallway and bathroom,” said Principal Kim Hale. “This is the first time we have done it in this way.”

The Stations were held throughout the week, with each class rotating through four 15-minute presentations. These included student volunteers demonstrating appropriate and inappropriate actions, new information on COVID-19 safety requirements, and lots of questions and answers from the enthusiastic, and surprisingly knowledgeable, young audiences. Most importantly, students learned the reasons the rules are there: to keep them all safe, and to help everyone get along, make friends, and enjoy their time at school.

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