Article: 2022 NYSATA Art Show

2022 NYSATA Art Show

Savannah McKay

The Churchville-Chili Central School District is proud to acknowledge these talented young artists whose work was included in the 2022 New York State Art Teachers Association (NYSATA) Region 2 Student Art Exhibit:

From the Senior High School (art teacher Jon Woodard)
Audrey Booth – Ceramics
Ali DeMatteo – Ceramics
Abbey Lyon – Ceramics
Connor Irving – Digital Imaging

From the Senior High School (art teacher Kelly Bosco and student teacher Becky Miller)
Jack Kemp
Allie Barrow
Morgan Brooks
Sydney Goettel

Annabelle Houlihan
Erin Peterson
Patrick Ward
Sabrina Cousins

From Ninth Grade Academy (art teacher Jordyn Wolcott)
Samantha Marvin
Michaela Goettel

From Churchville-Chili Middle School (Advanced Gr. 8 Studio in Art teacher Anne Clancy)
Maron Freece
Savannah McKay

From Churchville-Chili Middle School (art teacher Gretchen Foehner)
Joshua Navidad
Gianna Denning

From Churchville Elementary School (art teacher Anne Clancy)
John Gaby (grade 1)
Zoey Zambuto (grade 4)

From Chestnut Ridge Elementary School (art teacher Ariana D’Angelo)
Greyson Zawistowski (grade 3)
Penelope Tamoutselis (grade 3)
Kayda Mitchell (grade 3)

From Fairbanks Road School (art teacher Gretchen Foehner)
Dominic Cerretto (grade 2)
Sabre Smith (grade 2)

The invitational exhibit’s featured artists were chosen by their teachers. The exhibit can be viewed in the photo albums at The New York State Art Teachers Association (NYSATA) is a non-profit professional organization with the purpose of advancing the cause of art education. Members include preschool through university level art educators, art administrators, museum educators, school administrators and school districts. Monroe County is part of Region 2 (Finger Lakes).

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