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Odyssey of the Mind

Odyssey of the Mind is an international program that provides creative problem-solving opportunities for students from kindergarten through college.  Team members strive for excellence as they apply their creativity to solve problems that range from building mechanical devices to interpretations of literary classics.

Each spring the anticipation and enthusiasm are almost tangible through the whirring of motors and the cheers of encouragement as problem solutions are presented after long contemplation through fall and winter months.

In addition to long term problem solutions teams are challenged with a short term problem they must solve spontaneously.  Both the long term and the spontaneous problems inspire team building skills as well as creative thinking among team members.

Students of all types and with all interests find something that appeals to them in Odyssey of the Mind!

Odyssey of the Mind "To Do" List

The Greater Rochester Odyssey of the Mind Association is the largest and most competitive region in NYS. Several teams from Region 14 regularly advance to the World Finals each year. We are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers!

Contact Information

For additional information, please contact the Office of Instruction at (585) 293-1800 ext. 2310.

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Commitment to Odyssey

Odyssey Teams 
Odyssey teams generally meet once per week beginning in September.  As the competition date gets closer teams may chose to meet multiple times per week in order to practice and complete problem solutions.  Competition is usually held in the beginning of March.

Odyssey Coaching
Odyssey coaches are responsible for organizing their team, arranging practice dates and sessions.  Snacks make everyone happy and can be rotated around with parents signing up for different weeks!  Practices are usually once a week at a time convenient for all team members.  The coach(s) will conduct brainstorming sessions that allow the team members to develop solutions to the long-term problem. 

Adult assistance is prohibited in developing solutions to the problems.
The coach(s) will help the team obtain materials and knowledge necessary to solve the long-term problem.  Coach(s) are encouraged to attend Spontaneous Problem Nights in addition to regular spontaneous team practices.  Each team will be responsible for "presenting" a spontaneous problem for other teams to practice. The coach(s) will also be responsible for getting their team to the competition on time. 

Coach's training workshops will be held in the fall for all new coaches.

Odyssey Official's Commitment
Odyssey needs people like you to volunteer as officials to help run the Regional Competition.

  • 2-5 hours of training; 2 hours to learn about the Odyssey program and 3 hours to learn the specifics of judging the problem you would be officiating.  If you are a returning judge, only the problem specific training is needed.
  • Judging on the competition day - All day Saturday commitment - schedules vary, but judges typically arrive by 7 AM and are finished by mid-afternoon.
  • A wide variety of officiating tasks are needed.  Most interests and preferences can be accommodated.

Our Regional Competition is a day of excitement and accomplishment for over 1000 students.

Judges who have participated in 1 of the last 3 Regional Tournaments must attend ONE of the Problem-Specific sessions.  All others must attend BOTH a General Session and a Problem-Specific session.  Both groups are required to read the "Odyssey of the Mind Program Guide" thoroughly.