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Health & Physical Education Department

The Churchville-Chili Health and Physical Education program is a student centered activity based K-12 program. Our curriculum offers students multiple opportunities to participate in a wide array of sport and fitness activities which correlates to the NYS Learning Standards.

At all grade levels a focus on teaching and learning is placed on the following:

  • The health related components of physical fitness
  • Increasing student skill levels
  • Promoting teamwork and sportsmanship
  • Encourage mental, social and physical wellness of the individual student

At the lower levels, fundamental skill development is emphasized, building a foundation for our students’ progression through the program and leading to the high school and mastery level skill progression. 

An emphasis is placed on the NYS Learning Standards for Physical Education and Health in designing units of instruction, class lessons and student assessments.

The goal for all our students is for them to become lifelong learners who strive to incorporate the values of health, wellness and an active lifestyle in their everyday life.


Health & Physical Education Programs

Michael Murray
Director of Health, Physical Education & Athletics
(585) 293-1800 ext. 3110

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