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Curriculum, Assessment & Professional Development

Churchville-Chili Central School District is committed to providing a curriculum for all students (guaranteed), that challenges each student (rigorous), and focuses on preparing our students for an interconnected global society (viable).  

Maintaining a rigorous, guaranteed and viable curriculum is a cyclical process.  Our curriculum system is a continual loop where needs and assessment data are used to refine curriculum and instruction.  

The Churchville-Chili instructional team's vision of an effective, quality curriculum is:

  • Aligned vertically and horizontally with NYS standards and assessments:  Vertically aligned so that placement of objectives builds an upward spiral of skills and knowledge, which is revisited, expanded and enhanced across grade levels. Horizontally aligned so that learning objectives are mapped out over the academic year within a range of time during which the objectives are taught.
  • Inclusive of both academic knowledge and its practical applications: This linking should occur throughout the curriculum and help students understand the application of learned knowledge and skills.
  • Organized by clear, precise learning objectives:  Learning objectives specify what students should know, understand and be able to do based upon essential grade level content, skills and vocabulary. 
  • Developed based upon identified essential content: The curriculum is developed to achieve a core number of essential curriculum objectives, which can be studied in depth and learned to mastery.
  • Inclusive of assessments, resources, and/or instructional strategies required by the district:  Where the district has identified specific instructional strategies (e.g. guided reading, cooperative learning) assessments (e.g. unit exams, DRAs) and/or resources (e.g. novels, textbooks) those are indicated in the curriculum documents.
  • User/teacher friendly:  The curriculum is organized in a way that it is easily understood, can be used to directly develop unit and lesson plans, and identifies connections among learning objectives both within and across subjects.  It will be available electronically providing multiple options for the presentation of curriculum.
  • Inclusive of 21st Century Skills:  These embed technology into curriculum and instruction.


Renee Mulrooney
Director of Curriculum, Assessment and Professional Development
(585) 293-1800 ext 2310