Instant Connect Communication Service

Instant Connect is a multi-function piece of technology which enables the administration to record, schedule, send, and track personal voice messages, texts and emails to thousands of parents and staff members almost instantaneously. The most important feature of Instant Connect is its ability to send a message, such as school closings or emergency notifications, to the entire list of families in our student information system (Infinite Campus), at the same time.

Each household will have the option to receive emergency messages from the District at multiple phone numbers simultaneously. As a result, notification of occurrences such as an emergency early dismissal due to weather or school closing will be received by the home, work, and cell phones (or any combination thereof) of any number of a student’s parents or guardians at the push of a button.

The system may also be used for general announcements and informational messages. In instances that are not emergencies, a decision may be made to only call the primary home phone number listed in Infinite Campus. 

To make sure we have your most updated phone numbers, call District Registrar at 293-1800 extension 2041.

One important item to note is if your work phone number requires an extension to be entered, or if a receptionist answers the phone, the Connect service will not reach your extension. Only direct-dialed lines can be reached.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information do you already have in your system? Each school year, a form is sent home to verify student guardian and contact information. You can return this form with updated information or you can contact our district registrar at 293-1800 extension 2041 to verify and change contact information, including phone numbers.

I do not want to receive messages from the school on certain phone numbers. How can I have those numbers removed? Please contact the district registrar at 293-1800 extension 2041 to remove any phone numbers from Infinite Campus and the Instant Connect service.

What will happen when the system is used? When an emergency call is placed you will receive a phone call at each of the phone numbers in our system. Even after you receive a message at one phone number, the system will continue to call the remaining phone numbers. When an outreach, or informational call is placed you will receive a call at only the first (primary) phone number in the Infinite Campus system. 

If I have children in more than one school, will I get repeat calls? No. The system will call each of your numbers only once.

What if a called number is not answered? If there is no answer, the announcement will be left on your voicemail or an answering machine. If you do not have an answering machine or voicemail service, or your voice mailbox is full, the system will redial your number up to three times.

My work phone number requires dialing an extension. Should I include my work number on the list? Not for the Instant  Connect service. We still want your work contact information for our records, but the Blackboard Connect service is not capable of dialing an extension. Only direct-dialed lines can be reached.

Will our school still use other traditional means to communicate emergency and other urgent news to parents? Yes, we will continue using other traditional means to make emergency announcements, including our District website, as well as radio, TV and e-news email notifications as well as Facebook and Twitter.
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