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This is to advise you of your rights with respect to the school records relating to (your student) (you) pursuant to the Federal “Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974.”

Parents of a student under 18, or a student 18 or older, have a right to inspect and review any and all official records, files, and data directly related to their children, including all material that is incorporated into each student’s cumulative record folder, and intended for school use or to be available to parties outside the school or school system, and specifically including, but not necessarily limited to, identifying data, academic work completed, level of achievement (grades, standardized achievement test scores), attendance data, scores on standardized intelligence, aptitude, and psychological tests, interest inventory results, health data, family background information, teacher or counselor ratings and observations, and verified reports of serious or recurrent behavior patterns.

A parent of a student under 18 years of age or a student 18 years of age or older shall make a request for access to a child’s (his/her own) school records, in writing, to the Principal of the building to which such student is assigned. Upon receipt of such request, arrangements shall be made to provide access to such records within a reasonable period of time, but in no case, no more than forty-five (45) days after the request has been received.

If information contained in the student’s record is believed to be inaccurate or misleading, the parent or eligible student should write the Principal, clearly identify the part of the record they want changed, and specify why it is inaccurate or misleading. If the district decides not to amend the record as requested, the parent or eligible student will be notified of the decision and advised of their right to a hearing regarding the request for amendment additional information regarding the hearing procedures will be provided to the parent or eligible student when notified of the right to a hearing.

Student records and any material contained therein which is personally identifiable are confidential and may not be released or made available to persons other than parents or student without the written consent of such parents or student. There are a number of exceptions to this rule, such as other school employees and officials, and certain State and Federal officials, who have a legitimate educational need for access to such records in the course of their employment in addition, the district will disclose, upon request, education records to officials of another school district in which a student seeks or intends to enroll.

Please refer to the following District Policies for more information:



FERPA Opt-Out Form

(Families will find this information in the District Handbook distributed yearly with the district calendar)


The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA) provides parental control over what information is collected online from children under 13. COPPA requires website and app operators to get verifiable parental consent before collecting personal information online from children under 13. It also permits educational institutions to act as the parent’s agent to consent to the collection of student information on the parent’s behalf for educational purposes only. Churchville-Chili maintains a strict approval process to ensure selected sites and services align with district instructional practices and instructional needs and maintains strict data privacy and security policies in the use of student accounts and personally identifiable information.

(Families will find this information in the District Handbook distributed yearly with the district calendar)