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Transportation Regulations

Transportation to and from Home

You do not need to contact us if your children are being picked up and dropped off from their own home. Approximately one week before school begins, your children will receive bus passes. Each pass will indicate a carefully chosen place for and an approximate time of pickup. You will receive further information about the transportation schedule at that time.

Students arriving at the SHS and buses lined up behind

Transportation to and from Childcare Locations

Requests for changes in pick-up or drop-off locations must be accompanied by a child care request form submitted BY APRIL 1 of each year. These forms are available at school, at the transportation office or online. According to state law and to district policy, child care locations must be located within the same school attendance boundary as the student's home school, unless the sitter is licensed by the state of New York. In the latter case, the child care location must be located within the school district boundaries. In the interest of your child's safety, it is very important that sitter arrangements be consistent and simple. The ideal schedule to monitor is one where the student goes to and from the same place every day. No more than (2) variances in schedule per week should occur. You must renew these each year. Varying schedules cannot be accommodated.

Charter/Private/Parochial Schools Transportation

State Education Law requires submitting an application for transportation to charter, private and parochial schools BY APRIL 1 of each year in order to provide transportation the following September. This form must be filed by the parent/guardian with the Transportation Department. Please submit an application whether acceptance by charter, private or parochial school is certain or not. These forms are available at the transportation office or online. If this is the first year Churchville-Chili is providing transportation for your child, please contact our Registrar’s Office at 293-1800 ext. 2041 to register with our district. 

The district will NOT transport to non-public schools on days that Churchville-Chili schools are not in session. Transportation will NOT be  provided for early dismissals, parents/guardians must provide their own transportation on these days. Mid-day transportation will NOT be provided for January exams. Morning and afternoon transportation will be provided for June exams; however, mid-day transportation will be provided from school to home only. 


Bus Stops

The district does not provide door-to-door transportation service directly to and from the home of each student. Students may be required to walk 3 to 5 houses to a pick-up point. Pick-up and  drop-off points are established annually for each bus route. The district will provide each eligible student one round trip daily from a designated bus stop to school and back. The distance between stops will be established and evaluated with regards to student safety. Bus stops will be determined by the Transportation Director in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Centralized pickup points will be used in apartment complexes and housing tracts where possible.
  • School bus stops shall be located in accordance with established NYSED regulations for placing school bus stops.
  • Shuttle buses will be used where practical. 

Drop-off locations will mirror pick-up points whenever possible. Some designated bus stops may not be visible from every household; therefore we recommend that students be escorted to and from the bus stop. NYSED is specific that parents are responsible for assisting children to get to the stop and home from the stop. The district is not required to provide a protected corridor from students’ homes to the bus stop any more than it is to provide that service for students who do not ride buses and must travel from home to school.