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Safe School Helpline

Keeping Our Schools Safe for Everyone

Call: 1-800-4-1-VOICE ext. 359 / Text: 66746, then type TIPS /

We all want Churchville-Chili schools to be safe havens for the students who learn here. We want our district to be a place where bullying and discrimination are not tolerated, where listening and caring is encouraged and where students don’t feel a need to hurt themselves or present a danger to others. The Safe Schools Helpline is one tool we can use to achieve that goal.

The Safe Schools Helpline has been part of Churchville-Chili school culture since 2008. It gives students and their families, district staff and community members an easy way to really make a difference in keeping our schools safe. Available district-wide, but used primarily in the Middle School and High School, the helpline lets students who see something, say something—anonymously. By keeping the conversation confidential and removing any fear of retribution, students feel empowered to take positive action.

Over the years, scores of reports have been made and followed up on. Students have had concerns about friends who are depressed, or who have become involved in illegal or potentially dangerous behavior. They have reported instances of harassment and bullying, and helped to defuse disputes before they escalated to fights. Thanks to many alert students and their family members, our schools are safer places for everyone.

The Safe School Helpline is private, confidential and anonymous. Callers also have 24/7 access to a Counseling and Crisis Center. You can access the helpline with a Mobile App that can be found at the Apple Store or at Google Play.