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School Safety and Security

Our safety plan is reviewed annually with staff and addresses prevention, response and recovery with respect to a variety of emergencies that can occur in schools. 

Our approach toward safety in our schools is to be prepared. Have a plan in place, practice the plan regularly and review it yearly. Please see our Safety Awareness Information section for the safety and security practices and procedures currently in place at CCCSD.


Therapeutic Crisis Intervention 

Churchville-Chili Security Workers are trained and certified in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention for Schools (TCIS). TCIS is a research based program developed and maintain by Cornell University. Those TCIS trained must recertify annually.

TCIS serves to provide a crisis prevention and intervention model for school personnel that will assist in:

  • Preventing crises from occurring,
  • De-escalating potential crises,
  • Effectively managing acute crises,
  • Reducing potential and actual injury to students and staff,
  • Learning constructive ways to handle stressful situations, and
  • Developing a learning circle within the organization.

Raptor- Visitor Management System

Keeping our kids safe is paramount to everyone in our Churchville-Chili community. The district utilizes a visitor management system called Raptor .  All guests, including parents/guardians, will be required to provide a government-issued ID (like a driver’s license) on their first visit to a building. The scanning software screens out unwanted visitors, alerts school personnel to any potential problems and helps track those allowed into the school. Once registered, a “quick find” feature makes it easy for school personnel to issue a visitor badge on all future visits. CCCSD is one of over 10,000 schools nationwide using the Raptor management system to help keep students safe.

Sex Offender Notification

In accordance with Correction Law Sections 168-D(3) and 168-I, each offender is assigned a Risk Level. After registration, a local law enforcement agency is notified by the Department of Criminal Justice System whenever a sex offender moves into its community. In accordance with Sex Offender Registration Act, the local law enforcement agency may engage in a proactive community notification at its discretion regarding offenders with a Level II or III risk; no proactive notification is permitted if the offender has a Level I risk. If the offender is a Level II or III risk, that agency may provide certain information to any "entity with a vulnerable population" which includes school districts.

CCCSD takes the following procedures regarding Level III, II and I sex offenders.

  • Level III Offender: The district will send home written notification when a police agency notifies the District that a Level III offender has moved into the area.
  • Level II Offender: The district notifies all school buildings about Level II offenders and may send home written notification when a police agency notifies the District that a Level II offender has moved into the area.
  • Level I Offender: The district is not permitted to notify the community of Level I offenders who have moved into the area. 

To find out if there are any registered sex offenders in our school district community, please refer to the Official NYS Public Registry. In addition, the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, in cooperation with local law enforcement, provides Monroe County residents with a sex offender management and community notification tool called OffenderWatch. Please see the Monroe County Sheriff's Office website for additional information. You can also sign up to be notified by email when a sex offender moves into your area.

Please contact the Director of Security with any questions or concerns.


Contact Security

During the School Day:
Security Monitoring Center
(585) 293-1800 ext. 2035

After Hours:
Security Cell Phone
(585) 794-8224


Bill Sanborn
Director of Safety and Security
(585) 293-1800 ext. 2030