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Student 1:1 Devices

All students in grades K through 12 have 1:1 access to a Chromebook device. Grades 5 through 12 are assigned a device to use in school and to use at home. Having 1:1 access to a device will best prepare our students for the academic demands of postsecondary institutions while also supporting our district technology goal -- To integrate and utilize technological resources to enhance and improve learning, communication, and efficiency.  The use of embedded instructional technology also supports the International Society for Technology in Education Standards (ISTE) requirement that we prepare students for the various types of analysis and digital communication required of them in college and the workplace. 

Students assigned a district device are responsible for all damages whether intentional or accidental. The Chromebook Insurance Coverage Program is optional, however it provides an inexpensive solution for parents to reduce the financial burden if an accident or theft occurs. The 1:1 Protection Plan document below details the benefits and coverage this plan provides. Payment for the Protection Plan can be made online through the Parent Portal.

Students and parents will sign a Chromebook Agreement form before receiving a district Chromebook. The terms of this agreement will remain intact for each school year the student uses the district device. Please review the terms of this agreement for the new school year.