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Pikmykid App

Pikmykid Parent App is used by our elementary schools to manage student dismissal.

This app is available for download on your smartphone's app store (Google-Play or iTunes). Each parent/user will need register on their own smartphone with their own information. Families can use the Pikmykid website to register and make changes. 


Using the Pikmykid system, parents can digitally alert the school that they are outside to pick-up their child. Notifications are then sent to the appropriate teachers/staff who dismiss each child at the appropriate time.

Pick-up Delegations:

You can easily assign pick-up permissions to other people for certain days, times and pick-up modes. You can also set this schedule up to repeat throughout the year and update if necessary.

This is much safer than a list of allowed guardians sent in at the start of the school year - giving parent’s finite control over who can pick-up their children and when they are approved to do so.