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Information Technology

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide innovative and reliable technology solutions that empower our district’s students, faculty, and staff. We are committed to creating a secure, scalable, and adaptable technology infrastructure that meets the changing needs of our district. We also strive to provide excellent customer service and support to ensure that our technology enhances the learning experience and prepares our students for future success.


District IT Help Desk

Our IT Help Desk provides a quick response to user requests for technical assistance.  They offer assistance to our users who may be experiencing issues with computer software, hardware or system problems. They answer questions and where possible, resolve problems immediately. When escalation is necessary, they work with the IT staff to assign tickets and coordinate communication between the user and the technician until the issue is resolved. Students and parents can use this email to communicate with the CCCSD IT support team:

  • Help Desk Manager,  Monica Boxx
  • Help Desk Assistant, Fran Schmidt

Computer Support Assistants

Our Computer Support Assistants provide each building, K-8 with technology assistance. They help teachers with training, service, integration and will elevate unresolved needs to the next level:
  • Middle School Computer Support Assistant
    Jonathon Gubiotti
  • Elementary Computer Support Assistants (Grades K-4)
    Cindy Skirment - Fairbanks Road Elem.
    Rasheen Butler - Chestnut Ridge Elem.
    Nathan Cummings - Churchville Elem.


Computer Network Technicians

The Computer Network Technicians are the next level of support and work at all sites and behind the scenes. They have an advanced knowledge of voice, video and computing systems and provide the upper level support needed for these systems. Also, their project management skills help new and yearly projects and implementations.

  • Beth Mineti - Computer Network Technician
  • Ryan Oatridge - Computer Network Technician
  • Greg Weinman - Computer Network Technician


Network Administrator & Senior Network Technicians

The Network Administrator and Sr. Network Technicians maintain the district voice, video and data network infrastructure. They continue to expand and improve our back-end systems and services to maintain a robust, responsive, safe, secure and reliable system:

  • David Strachan - Network Administrator
  • George McCormick - Sr. Network Technician
  • Andrew Carson - Sr. Network Technician


Computer Application Specialists

The district's Computer Applications Specialists and Programmer Analyst, lead our district in its use and advancement of the student and staff data systems.

  • Laurie Kastner - Sr. Computer Application Specialist
  • Bailey Russo - Programmer Analyst


Joe Harmon Director of Information Tehnology

Joe Harmon
Director of Information Technology & Data Protection Officer
(585) 293-1800 ext. 3200

Contact Us

Students and parents can use this email to communicate with the CCCSD ITS support team:

District IT Plan

Our District Instructional Technology Plan ensures every child has equitable access to the highest quality educational opportunities, services and supports.

District IT Plan

Data Privacy & Security

The Churchville-Chili School District is providing the following information/resources for parents, teachers, and the community so that they can better understand what student data is, how student data is collected and used and the laws and practices that the district adheres to in order to protect student data and privacy.

Data Privacy