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Annual Budget Vote

May 16, 2023, is our annual budget vote and Board of Education Election. The process for developing a school district budget is taken very seriously. A great deal of time has been spent reviewing all expenditures, looking for efficiencies and cost saving measures, assessing student and program needs and determining appropriate staffing. As a result, the Board of Education and the district have developed what we believe to be a fiscally sound budget.

The proposed 2023-24 school budget of $99,258,220, adopted by the Board of Education on April 11, 2023, reflects an increase of 4.75% over last year’s budget and would mean a 2.77% increase in the tax levy, which is below the district’s levy cap of 4.33%. This budget would result in an estimated tax rate increase of .42% for the town of Chili, an increase of 4.92% for the town of Ogden, a decrease of 2.98% for the town of Riga and a decrease of 5.07% for the town of Sweden, due to varied equalization rates.

The second proposition on the ballot will be the purchase of eight buses at an estimated cost of $1,350,000.

The third proposition on the ballot is to authorize the purchase of the property located at 5788 Buffalo Road, near the high school, for a price not to exceed $285,000. Purchasing this property would provide us with the needed space to create a new exit onto Buffalo Road resulting in a one-way onto campus and one-way exit. This improvement will enhance sight-distance and safety as drivers enter and exit our high school campus.


If residents have questions or concerns about the budget, please contact:

Business Services
(585) 293-1800 ext. 2330