Visiting our Schools: Policy 3210

To promote effective communication between the citizens of the community and the School System, the Board of Education encourages parents and other citizens to visit their schools periodically during the course of the school year. 

The Board recognizes that many visitations that will occur are regularly scheduled events, e.g., parent-teacher organization meetings, public gatherings, parents' desire to visit their child's classroom at other than regularly scheduled times. When such visitations occur, they shall be made on the basis of a defined need and shall be made only with the approval of the principal. The Board views these visits as constructive; however, no such visit shall be permitted to interfere with the educational process. 

All visitors shall be required to report to the main office upon arrival at school and state their business. Visitations to classrooms for any purpose require permission in advance from the building principal in order to allow teachers the opportunity to arrange their schedules to accommodate such requests.

Student visitors from other schools, unless they have a specific reason and prior approval of the Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee, shall not be given permission to enter school buildings. New students accompanied by their parents are always welcome.

Visits to school buildings are to be in accordance with the Board regulations posted in conspicuous places. A violation of the visitation policy shall be prosecuted pursuant to New York State law.

When individual Board members visit the schools, they must abide by the regulations and procedures developed by the administration regarding school visits.
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