Title 1 Committee

The District is currently applying for Title funds. If you would like to comment on the application, please contact Giulio Bosco by August 15, 2021 through [email protected] or 585.293.1800 ext. 2310

Committee: Title I Parent Involvement Advisory Committee (Response to Intervention)
Chairperson:  Giulio Bosco
Mission:  Reviewing the current Churchville-Chili Central School District RtI Plan & Title Grants; researching current practices in ways for parents to work with children to improve their academic achievement and monitor their child’s progress; and working with educators to improve their students’ overall academic achievement.
K-4 - David Johnson and Kim Hale
5-8 - Carl Christensen
9-12 - Steve Colabufo

K-4 - Kim Eichas, Brian Walker, Anya Pastecki
5-8 - Elise Gleeson, Emily Hanselman and Jenn Mannara
9-12 - Alyssa Polito and Chelsea Carl

BOE Members: Amy Wilson
Communication Plan to Stakeholders:  Report prepared for Superintendent and Board
Location:  Professional Development Room
Meetings:  3 times per year Time:  4:00-5:00 p.m.
Meeting dates: January 6, 2022, March 10, 2022 and May 5, 2022

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