In accordance with the New York State foreign language syllabus, programs in Spanish focus on the development of proficiencies in listening, speaking, reading and writing. An appreciation and understanding of the foreign culture is also integrated into each foreign language class.

Ninth grade students who have successfully completed the seventh and eighth grade levels in a modern foreign language will move into Spanish II.
Learning a language other than English may begin at any time; therefore, performance standards are keyed to checkpoints, which may be measured at any point in the K-12 continuum, instead of elementary, intermediate, or commencement levels, which have traditionally implied specific grade levels.

The achievement of learning standards at any checkpoint varies according to the age when students begin language study, the frequency and length of the lessons, the students’ previous experience with second language learning, and their motivation. Checkpoint A is considered to be a way station en route to proficiency. Checkpoint B corresponds to the level of performance that all students should demonstrate in order to obtain a high school diploma. Checkpoint C proficiency corresponds to a more advanced level of performance that can be attained on an elective basis.

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