Reopening Parent Q and A

Parent Questions

The following questions were asked and answered during the Facebook Live event on Monday, August 10, 2020.

Will students need to be tested for COVID-19 before returning? 

No, at this time there is not a requirement for a COVID testing for staff and students to return to school. However, if they have a fever or symptoms, a negative test will be required.

Can the kids choose their own masks to wear to school for in school learning? 

Yes, as long as it covers both their mouth and nose.

How will the face covering mandate be enforced? Will it be up to teachers to decide if their students are required to wear face coverings while seated in class? 

Yes, teachers will have the discretion to provide face mask breaks once students are seated and social distanced in their classrooms. If students refuse to wear face coverings, then, parents will be notified to pick up their child and a  full remote option will be recommended.

Can the kids use their own hand sanitizer and water bottles in class?

Students will be able to use their own water bottles and sanitizer. The teachers will provide opportunities for a mask/water break. The district will provide sanitizer in every classroom, as well.

Will ALL students have Chromebooks, including K? Are the students required to carry their Chromebooks back and forth daily? If so, will there be insurance available? 

Yes, yes and yes!

What is the plan for review from class missed from March-June?

During curriculum writing this summer, previous grade level teachers discussed what essential content they were most concerned about and this was emphasized in the first quarter curriculum that was developed for the upcoming school year. Each department will assess and determine the priority objectives to be added in the first ten weeks.

If students are remote only, can they participate in athletics/extracurricular activities once they begin?

Yes, at this time a decision will be made by September 21.

What specific PPE will the teachers and administrators be wearing?

All staff will be wearing face coverings. Some staff may choose to wear a face shield in addition to a face covering.

What is happening with kids that are signed up for WEMOCO this year?

Juniors and seniors can attend WEMOCO in person this fall. A schedule will be mailed shortly and will include information on how to use district transportation or drive your own vehicles. Students may attend WEMOCO regardless of their in-person day scheduled at the high school.

Should the percent of students opting for 100% virtual be higher than anticipated, is there a possibility for students to go in person more than 2 times per week? (Especially concerned about elementary here with virtual).

Yes, we will assess the enrollment of students in our classrooms during the first three weeks, if we are able to include more days for in-person instruction, we will adjust our plan.

Once we select one model, can we change to the other model and how much notice would you need? What is the process?

We are requesting that families select an instructional plan for ten weeks. We would be able to accommodate a change from hybrid to remote; however, if full remote is selected, students will not be able to change until a minimum of ten weeks. At ten weeks, families will be able to maintain or adjust the instructional plan for their children. For this year only, students may be able to receive remote instruction even if we are able to open fully.

How about if a child in their class is sick? What about non-Covid related sick days? Will they have to be tested in order to be cleared to return to school?

If a child is not feeling well, he/she will go to the health office and parents will be contacted to pick up. For students exhibiting a fever, they will need a doctor’s note to return to school. If a child or staff member tests positive for COVID, then all who have been identified through Contract tracing will have a 14-day quarantine period and participate in instruction remotely. They will be able to return in-person after a negative COVID test.

Regarding virtual - Are there guidelines that the teachers must uphold this year? And What communication will be used to notify parents and keep us in the loop?

Yes, teachers will adhere to a schedule this fall. This will be mailed to families prior to school reopening. Gr. 7-12 students will follow their schedule regardless of in-person or remote (much like a college course).

Will temperatures be checked daily when teachers and children arrive?

No, both students and staff should complete an attestation about their health prior to coming to school. Our school nurses will complete a randomized temperature check process which will include students whose families do not complete the attestation. 

Will we be told how many children will be coming back to the hybrid model before school starts?  

All details and information will be posted on the district website, Reopening page.

If a child is not feeling well enough to go to school, but they are well enough to log into the system on one of the days they are scheduled to be in class, can they do that? And if they do, will they be counted absent or present? 

Students will be counted as in attendance whether in-person or logged in via remote. 

We are a “100% Virtual” Fairbanks family- I don’t know if all the schools are going to work the same way.  

For full remote, teachers will be providing a schedule of consistent times for remote learners to log in for classroom meetings, literacy, math and social studies or science instruction. Special area schedules will be provided, as well.

Will the school provide virtual families with any workbooks, textbooks or worksheets to work from- so the kids aren’t operating off of a computer all day? 

Yes, teachers will provide materials or let families know what type of supplies will be needed for lessons.

If a larger than anticipated number of families choose remote learning, are there opportunities to add more days for those choosing hybrid?

We will assess enrollment beginning in week three. If more families select full remote, we may be able to offer additional in-person days. All families have an option to change their selection at ten weeks.

Will the Department of Health pick up our kids if they show symptoms? 

The Monroe Co. Department of Health will not pick up your child. The district will contact you should your child begin showing symptoms.

What is the protocol for disclosure of a positive case? 

In collaboration with the Monroe Co. Department of Health, a determination will be made about closing a school or all schools across the district. A minimum of 14-day quarantine will apply and all students will move to full remote instruction until we can reopen. Notification will be provided via Instant Connect as soon as we receive notification.

If a student stays home due to flu and/or colds will they be able to attend virtually those days?  

Yes, students can log in remotely for days that they may not feel well enough to attend school in-person.

If a child is having technical issues, will there be a way to access instruction later?  Who do we contact for tech issues? 

Our IT department has a contact email and phone number which will be distributed and publicized for families to use to assist with IT challenges. If a family needs support with adequate and constant internet access, IT will assist with providing access.

Can parents be provided with a cheat sheet of how to set our students up for success and who to reach out for support if needed?  

How to access classrooms, materials, assignments etc?  Each school principal will provide detailed information along with grade level specific schedules and classroom teacher assignments, along with remote access information in their mailing in August.

Has there been talk of changing the school calendar? 

The only change to our school calendar is the movement of the October conference day to allow for two days for teachers to prepare for school opening. All other vacations remain as scheduled at this time.

What accommodations regarding online learning will be made to enable working parents to teach their children outside of traditional school hours? When will teachers be accessible to students working outside of traditional school hours as this is when working families will be completing assignments? 

Each teacher has the ability to record their lessons and post on Google classroom. We are offering two video conferencing platforms - Zoom and Google Meets. Teachers will be available via email and set up a conference for parent-teacher conferences or meetings with students.

Will volunteers or other adults be allowed into school buildings during the day? 

Volunteers will be limited for the first ten weeks of school. If any volunteers or guest speakers, along with substitutes enter the school, a screening will be completed upon arrival. Each principal will work directly with their regular substitutes to provide information, as well training that will be offered by the Office of Instruction. 

If I am not comfortable with my child participating in band or chorus this year are they able to take a year off and then resume the following year? How will chorus or singing in music  be a safe activity? 

Band and chorus will continue to be offered at the middle and high school level. Students in fourth grade will be able to select an instruction during the first ten weeks of school. Social distancing of 12’ and appropriate masks will be used for both band and choir. We will not be offering an elementary chorus for the first ten week of school.Should an existing music student select not to participate in music this year, they can sign up next year.

Are there childcare services that the district can provide to accommodate hybrid students? Local childcare agencies along with Pearce and the YMCA are working collaboratively with the district to discuss remote learning schedules and assess internet capacity for remote needs of school age students.

Will there be extra hall monitors to ensure students are following the guidelines? 

Our security team is working proactively to align staffing needs with arrival/dismissal and student hallway traffic patterns. In conjunction with teachers and administrators, security will monitor student movement to maximize social distancing and face coverings.

Will students have access to the same resources available to them as last year, regardless of whether choosing hybrid or remote?  

Yes, students will have access to the library, books for research or independent reading, along with technology. Students, K-12, will receive 1:1 devices this year. Principals will provide a schedule for pick-up prior to the beginning of the school year.

Each principal is currently assessing the potential for school tours prior to reopening.

Will quarantine be required if students travel outside of New york State?  If so, would they be allowed to return after testing negative? 

Students who have traveled out of New York will adhere to the 14-day quarantine prior to returning to in-person instruction. A negative COVID-19 test is necessary for any student who has had a fever and removed from in-person instruction. All students unable to attend in-person may log in remotely from home to receive their instruction. 

If we ever get back to full time, will we be able to change our choice of transportation? 

Yes. Once we are allowed to go full time we will go back to providing transportation for all students.  

If my kids can sit together on the bus, will that be factored in, or do we need to request that?

Siblings may sit together on the bus. All other students will be assigned by neighborhood.

What is the earliest time the students can be dropped off in the morning, if we choose to do that instead of riding the bus? 

Students can be dropped off at the same time students are allowed off the buses. High School 7:00, MS 7:50 and Elementary Schools 9:05. Principals will notify families if any changes need to be made. 

Will there be transportation to private schools? How about Wednesdays when C-C doesn’t have school?

Yes, students will be transported based upon their private/parochial school schedule pending room on the bus.

What responsibilities will be placed upon the teaching staff to disinfect the classroom?

O&M will make sure each classroom has sanitizing supplies for hands and hard surfaces. It is up to the teacher if they choose to use the sanitizing supplies during the day. Each evening O & M will sanitize the classrooms.

What education will the staff be provided regarding proper disinfection and contact times of disinfectants? 

All staff will be trained on the proper use of sanitizing products. O&M staff will be re-trained.

Will all products utilized for disinfection need approval from a central source prior to being utilized? 

Only district provided products are to be used in district buildings.

Are ventilation systems updated to handle health and safety guidelines?

Our O&M department maintains a regular preventative maintenance schedule on all of the district's ventilating systems and checks them daily to determine if they are running per the recommended  specifications.

Will there be staggered drop off/pick up times for middle school students who are driven to school to avoid traffic jams? 

We are working with building Principals on determining the safest way for students and staff to enter and leave the buildings. We hope to finalize a plan for each building in the next week or so. Once that decision has been made staff and parents of each building will be informed.  

How's bussing and PE going to work during inclimate weather?

Our transportation plan will work the same in all weather conditions. Our gyms will be ready to accommodate PE classes each day.

We are wondering how the desks/chairs will be cleaned in between classes?  Will my daughter be responsible for her own cleaning wipes and need to wipe her own desk down at the beginning of each class? 

O&M will have all desks sanitized for the start of each day. Sanitizing supplies will be in each classroom should anyone need to use them. In addition for grades 7-12 we will be providing large 18”x24”sheets of paper, which students will tape to their desk and remove and discard when they leave the classroom. 

Why are the teachers required to be onsite on Weds when the deep clean is to occur in the buildings? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of sanitizing?

No, while the majority of sanitizing will occur after hours, the O&M staff will work on toilet rooms and other non classroom area’s while teachers are in the building.

How are you ensuring that the student that gets on the bus does not have a fever or symptoms?  Parents are completing an attestation each morning confirming their child does not have a fever or symptoms.  

How is it safe to require the bus driver to wear the mask for extended hours, what’s the risk of the driver development hypoxia? Why not put up a Plexiglas barrier? 

Although we will have a barrier in place behind the driver, the department of transportation prohibits us from installing a barrier between the driver and door. Currently the state education department, department of health and the Governor require all people on a bus to wear a mask. We will be monitoring this closely for any modifications. 

If a vaccine comes out, will it be mandatory before the kids can be in school? What if we refuse the vaccine, can we still continue remote learning? 

The answer to this question is based upon NYS legislation, the district doesn’t make the decision on what vaccines students need to attend school. 

Elementary Schools:

How will students move through school buildings students & staff will wear masks while moving through the building?  Transitions will be minimized.   Schedules are being created with an eye on minimizing the number of classes in the hallway at the same time.  We will emphasize spacing between students while in line.  In elementary school, students will continue to be supervised by an adult when moving as a class in the hallway.

What does arrival and dismissal look like?

During arrival time we will stagger the buses unloading  to allow for social distancing. Staff will continue to supervise the arrival process.  Masks are expected to be in place.  Students exiting the building at the end of the day will be staggered as well.  Those going to buses will exit the building near the buses, and students being picked up will exit near the car pick up area.  We are currently reviewing the possibility of  utilizing an app for student pick up that would allow us to ensure the safety & whereabouts of students being picked up while funneling parents through a pick up line outside in which they would not need to exit their vehicles.  More specific information will be provided should the elementary schools adopt this.  

What do lunches look like? What will the cafeteria look like? 

In the past, I have had many issues with supervision in the cafeteria.  Who will be enforcing the rules in the cafeteria. Lunches will be available for students who do not bring a lunch.  Each building will be handling lunch time  slightly differently depending on the space available within the building.  Some classes will eat in their classrooms, remaining socially distanced at their desks while being supervised by a lunch monitor.  Other classes will eat in the cafeteria and remain socially distanced with one monitor per class.  Masks can be taken off once students are seated and ready to eat.  We are working on building the daily schedules which will likely include some recess time outside (weather permitting) supervised by the monitor after lunch is eaten.  There will be far less children in the cafeteria at one time with a higher adult to student ratio for supervision.

When can parents see what the rooms will look like? 

To begin the year, classroom teachers will want to share with parents what their classrooms look like.  They can post pictures or videos highlighting their classroom. Principals will post some pictures of “typical” classrooms ready for the first day of school on their Twitter pages.  

Will they need to wear a mask during PE and recess? 

No.  Students will wear a mask while transitioning to or from the gym or outside for PE class.  Then students will be socially distanced by 12 feet following the NYS guidelines.

My youngest has a 504 and was in an integrated classroom for kindergarten. From what I understand, virtual days will be a live stream of the teacher. I don’t see him being able to sit that long in front of a computer to watch and keep his attention.

We understand that the age of the child plays a factor in their ability to attend to instruction remotely.  Students will not be expected to sit in front of the computer and attend to what is happening in the classroom for the entire day. We anticipate there will be a schedule of times throughout the day that students should “tune in” for instruction. The details of what the instructional day looks like are being ironed out and will be shared.  

I am very concerned about how the day will flow for a 1st grader...meaning they sign on at 915 (I believe) how many times during the day will they sign off for lunch & specials and be required to sign back on at a certain time?

These details are being worked out and will be communicated to families once complete. See above.

Can we log on in the evenings for remote learning?

We anticipate being able to record lessons for students to tune in into at a later time in the day if necessary.

Will kids still be able to participate in the “specials” such as Gym, Art, Music due to constraints on moving within the building.

Yes! Music & Art will take place in the classroom. PE will take place outside as much as possible and in the gym during inclement weather. Students attending in person learning will have a combination of in person specials and remote specials. Remote learners will have remote specials.

Can we get a list of any supplies we will need for art class so we can be prepared for specific projects? Or will art class- as we know it- not exist anyway?

Students will have a combination of in person Art class & remote learning Art class.  In person will take place for students attending school in person once every other week.  Art teachers will communicate with families if there is anything that would be helpful to have at home.

If we choose virtual will they have anything on paper or all on the computer? My kindergartener needs paper. Also my daughter quickly learned that there is a voice option and I caught her multiple times just speaking to her computer for writing papers. 

The details of what instruction will look like for remote learners  are being worked on.  It could look different at different grade levels.  As for the voice option on the computer - please bring this to your child’s teacher’s attention so the teacher can address it in the future.

How will bathroom breaks work?

Some classrooms have a bathroom within the classroom.  Students will be asked to use hand sanitizer or wash hands prior to entering and to wash hands afterwards.   The same hand cleaning protocol for gang bathrooms.

Is there an updated supply list? 

The supply lists have not changed.  They can be found on the webpage for each elementary school.

Middle School:

What will schedules look like in-person,  how will students move through school buildings

and what does arrival and dismissal look like? 

Staggered entrance and exit, details to follow.

Are students going to be in one classroom with rotating teachers or switching classes like they normally would?

Grades 5-6 will stay within their focus rooms for the most part. Teachers will come to them rather than kids moving to classrooms.  The exception would be for PE, band/Chorus and lunchtime.  In grade 5 we decided to move away from 2 teacher teams and have each focus room stay with one teacher for all core subjects.  Grade 6 will remain in two teacher teams (again the teacher will move, not the kids).  We maintained the teaming as a transition step between the elementary model and the secondary model.  

In Grades 7 & 8 the students will move form class to class.  Some halls will be one way but this is challenging in most of the building.  We are working on a model to have kids pass while moving on the right side of the hall at all times. 

Where are the students expected to store their belongings?

This is still to be determined, but the younger kids will need space in the classrooms.  The older kids can carry their bags from room to room.  

My child needs math intervention.  How can she receive these services in person or remotely and how do I get it added to her schedule to start day 1 (6th grader)? 

Intervention teachers build their own schedules in Grades 5-6 they will begin that process as soon as possible so that kids can get assistance as quickly as possible.  We are aware that kids have gaps and need assistance.  Grades 5-6 have times throughout the day that allow for extra assistance.  These are called RTI Flex and Connect time in the schedules.  

What will the cafeteria look like?  

The MSN cafeteria will be used for grades 5 & 6.  We are removing the large tables and replacing them with individual student desks.  We will space these 6 feet apart.  The 7 & 8 cafeteria is shared with the 9th Grade Academy.  This is a much larger space.  Given the hybrid schedule we can utilize the larger tables and maintain space between students by alternating seating.  

As for supervision, each of the cafeterias is staffed with 4 monitors, as well as the serving staff.  Each of the house Administrators is assigned to directly supervise lunches each day.  

Can we get a list of any supplies we will need for art class so we can be prepared for specific projects? Or will art class- as we know it- not exist anyway?

The school supply lists have been revised and are posted on the district website.  We will have Art and all of the other classes that we are accustomed to offering.  For grades 5 & 6 the Art teacher will push into classrooms.  This will somewhat limit the projects she provides and we are working on the issue of shared materials.   

What is the earliest a child can get dropped off at the Middle School?  

We are working on the drop off plan and will have it sent out prior to opening day.  The drop off for the MS is at Door 20.  Students can’t enter the building until 7:50 each morning.  

For the Middle School, will each grade regardless of house color learn the same material at the same pace for each course?  

This would be helpful to allow friends to not only help each other with school work while working remote but allow for tutoring in a group setting.

All teachers share a common set of standards and scope/sequence of their curriculum.  There is always some variation in where each teacher is with the curriculum at any given time.  They work very closely together to plan and they discuss this frequently.  However, I can’t promise that each teacher will be in the exact same spot at all times.  That would not honor the developmental levels of the kids in each class.  

What subjects will be taught in person class days specifically for 6th graders? 


What subjects will be taught on remote learning days specifically for 6th graders? 


This doesn’t necessarily mean that the kids will need to be on the computer full day.  They may be on for periods and then the teachers may assign tasks or individual work time that the kids can log off and work on independently.  This will most likely vary day today and week to week.  

High School

What will schedules look like both in-person and remote, what will remote day look like? 

Students will follow a 8 period day.  Each class will be 40 minutes with 5 minutes of passing time.  Teachers will use Google Classrooms to organize class lessons for both in person and remote learners.  Google Meets will be the video conferencing tool (similar to Zoom) for our classes this year.   Remote learners will need to join the classes in real time.

Will remote learning be live or pre-recorded? What about for working parents?

Synchronous learning means students will need to follow their normal schedule.  Remote learners will access Google Classroom and Google Meets in real time to follow the day’s lesson.   Families should discuss plans for productive, at home learning routines.

How will students move through school buildings?

Students are required to wear face coverings when moving throughout the classroom and the building. Our bell system will transition each class as normal. Students will be instructed to travel maintaining their right shoulders next to the right side of the halls to maintain a responsible traffic pattern. Students will have 5 minutes of passing time.  

What does arrival and dismissal look like?

With the reduced number of students in person each day, social distancing will be the priority..  At the HS level, we have the benefit of parent drop offs, student drivers and busing using multiple lots and entrances.    Door 1 is the only parent drop off loop and we are working with security to assist with a safe arrival.   Students will be able to drive and park using the main student lot.  Door 42, 44 & 39 will provide access for our bus riders.  

What do lunches look like?

The high school will serve 2 lunches each day using the NGA and the SHS cafeterias. Students will receive instruction on lunch routines and expectations. The square footage in our cafeterias allow for social distancing.  In some cases, there will be less furniture/chairs/table to create more space for students to spread out while eating lunch. We are working to add portable hand-washing stations in addition to multiple hand sanitizing stations. Students will need to maintain masks when moving in the cafeteria.  Signs will indicate 6 foot distancing for the lunch lines. We are exploring additional ideas like outdoor eating options and increased supervision.

When can parents see what the rooms will look like? 

Pictures will be posted on the SHS Twitter. We are recommending teachers remove or reduce furniture to create additional space for students to spread out. Students can expect to see less materials and resources in a typical classroom to minimize contact.

Are they going to be in one classroom with rotating teachers or switching classes like they normally would? Will students will stay in one room all day with rotating teachers or switching classes like they normally would?

Students will rotate through their classroom schedule whether remote or in person. Reduced number of students in person will allow for more space and social distancing. Students are expected to wear masks whenever moving in halls or in classrooms. Using hand sanitizer or hand washing upon entering and exiting classrooms is a good practice.

Where are the students expected to store their coats and book bags?  

To begin the year, SHS students will not be issued lockers. This decision will allow our students and staff to practice our new routines for our halls. We are recommending students carry their backpacks, Chromebooks, charger, notebooks, two-pocket style folders and something to write with. Three-ring binders are not recommended to start the year.  The focus is to reduce the amounts of materials a student needs to carry.  We will reexamine issuing lockers before the 2nd quarter.  

What will the cafeteria look like?  

In the past, I have had many issues with supervision in the cafeteria. Who will be enforcing the rules in the cafeteria. Lunches will look different as SHS students will use both the NGA and the SHS cafeteria over two lunches. We are working to increase supervision. Students will see administrators, teachers and our lunch aides assisting our students during the lunch periods.

Can we get a list of any supplies we will need for art class so we can be prepared for specific projects? Or will art class- as we know it - not exist anyway?

All of our supply lists will be posted on the SHS web page. Currently, the 19-20 lists are posted and we are in the process of updating the lists. We are running all scheduled art classes and are working on recommendations for parents regarding art supplies. Any student choosing a 100% remote option can expect to work one on one with their teachers on developing a list of materials.  

My daughter will be driving to school. Is there any paperwork she needs to complete?  Can it be mailed to us or would she need an appointment?

Students may drive and park at the Senior High School.  Parking information and expectations were included in our recent mailing.  The letter indicates dates for students to visit the HS later in August to submit forms.  Assistant Principal Christie DeWald’s office will assist students with this process.

Will students be able to ask questions and there will be back and forth dialogue among ALL students and teachers, whether attending that class in person or remote?

We will be using two video conferencing platforms - Zoom and Google Meet. Students will log in from home on their remote days. Wednesday’s will be a full remote day for all students and will include office hours so students may seek one on one help. The video conferencing is a crucial part for building a classroom community.  Google Meet has capability to include break out groups so students can access a teacher’s assistance in smaller groups.

How will labs be done (Remote vs Hybrid)?

There are several options for science labs. Science labs may be completed in person and remotely. When in person, teachers will revise labs to reduce the need for shared materials.   Again, students and staff will be required to mask, use good handwashing/sanitization and gloves when sharing materials. In additional, science teachers will have access to virtual labs or video recording of experiments to assist meeting our lab requirements. 

What will happen this year to help introduce these 9th graders to their new environment?

September 2 is our scheduled Link Crew 9th grade orientation. At this time we are working on a modified virtual orientation event using the Saints A and Saints B lists as well as video conferencing. The intent is so show our newest HS students the key classrooms, procedures and schedule. SHS Link Leaders who are training in teambuilding and transition programming will be a part of the event. A mailing will be sent home once the program is finalized.

For students who choose full remote, what is the plan for Project Lead The Way / hands on technology courses?

PLTW is developing remote friendly resources for classroom instruction. This is a work in progress as the school year unfolds. PTLW does have materials prepared for the 1st quarter.

Special education/student health: 

How will PT/OT and other therapies be delivered? 

Related services including Speech, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy will be provided both in person and remotely.  Students who have multiple services per week will have opportunities to potentially have services on Wednesdays.

Will any special accommodations be made for IEP/504 kids to give them more time in person?

All students with disabilities have varying needs.  Students who are in-person for 2 days per week and remote for 2 days will be provided their special education services both in person and remotely.  504 students do not typically have programming on their plans, however all accommodations/modifications for both students with IEPs and 504s will be provided; it may look different depending on the type of instruction being provided. 

When can in person services resume for preschool students who have IEPs through the Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE)?

The school district will provide recommendations for programming but it is up to each agency to decide how they will provide the services.  Some agencies are allowing for in person services and others are not.  All agencies are working on how to most efficiently provide teletherapy services in hopes that changes in their approach may increase engagement.

What are the procedures for sick children at school going to be? 

Students who are feeling ill will be taken safely to the isolation area for evaluation if demonstrating COVID symptoms.  There is a separate area for each building for this purpose.  The health office will then notify parents/guardians if their child demonstrates symptoms.  They will remain in the isolation space until they can be picked up by a family member and referred for follow up with their physician.

Will the school nurse be allowed to differentiate between a child's normal asthma symptoms and possible covid-19 symptoms to determine if a child needs to be sent home?

A school nurse who has a thorough understanding of the student may be able to decipher between normal asthma symptoms and COVID, however, it is up to a physician to diagnose COVID, not the school nurse.  If asthma treatment used in school is not working for the student, or the nurse feels that a physician needs to treat a student they will contact the parent/guardian.

Can my child with asthma get her nebulizer breathing treatments at school this year?

Children with asthma will be able to get nebulizer treatments in school.  Nurses will wear the appropriate PPE to be sure all are safe when conducting these procedures.

My child is in a 12-1-1 special needs class and I am wondering if his class will be staggered based on last name like the other classes? 

Students who have special class 12:1:1 or 15:1 will be in person 4 days per week.  These students would not follow the last name split.

Will counseling services be available to students who may be having difficulty with all of this turmoil and upheaval?

Our counselors, psychologists and social workers will be available to work with students who are struggling emotionally.  We are also providing social-emotional learning opportunities for our students in grades K-8 in their classes.  In addition, we have a partnership with the University of Rochester that will allow us to consult with them regarding students who are struggling significantly with their mental health.

Since students will be in the same classroom most of their day, what movement breaks will be taken to help all students but especially those with ADHD?

Movement breaks will be allowed within the classroom, but students will be required to wear masks.  With students who have movement breaks on their IEPs, we will look at having classroom teachers work with our Occupational Therapists to provide ideas for these breaks.  Students may remain in the classroom and provide a movement break by utilizing a different space in the room.  This will vary depending on student needs.

With known medical issues-How will kids that have seasonal asthma flare ups be dealt with?

Students who have pre-existing medical conditions, such as asthma will be treated similar as they have been in prior years.  We have a process for nebulizer treatments with the school nurse and our nurses are trained at recognizing these symptoms.  Nurses will be in close contact with parents and train teachers on the specific student symptoms related to their asthma.

If one child is sent home will all students in the same family be sent home? 

Not necessarily.  If the student is showing symptoms and sent home the family will be notified and asked to follow up with their physician.  If the physician diagnoses the child as possibly having COVID - 19 the Department of Health will be contacted and they will conduct contact tracing and guide the district in making decisions about which students should be excluded from school.

Who is part of SAINTS C? 

Students in Saints C are students who have programming of a Special Class on their IEP, either 12:1:1 programming or 15:1 programming.  Students who are English Language Learners and fall within the entering or emerging stages are also part of SAINTS C.

What is the difference between homeschooling and remote learning?

Students who are homeschooled are students whose parents have submitted a letter of intent to homeschool and an Individualized Home Instruction Plan (IHIP).  Parents provide and design the curriculum for students who are homeschooled as well as all materials, whereas students who are remote learners will receive all assignments and materials from their teacher in the district.

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