Protocol for Illness, Quarantine & Isolation

Steps for Student Illness 

  1. If a student experiences symptoms of COVID-19 either they:

  • Stay home and the nurse follows up with instructions that they must get a COVID test (PCR) or an Alternative Diagnosis from their pediatrician before returning to school.

  • Are sent home and the nurse provides COVID letter to parent. Students will:

    • Need to get a COVID test OR have an Alternative Diagnosis from their pediatrician before returning to school.

  1. Once a student has received a COVID test, the information is shared with the school nurse.

  1. Information about when the student is able to return to school is shared with only those who need to know (building administration, school nurse)  

Note: During the time the student has symptoms and is getting tested they will be marked absent

Steps for Quarantine (Quarantine - student does not have symptoms, but has been exposed to positive case) 
  1. District COVID Coordinators are notified by the Department of Health that a student is in Quarantine OR Parent indicates to the school nurse that their child has been placed in Quarantine.

  2. If student is asymptomatic and in quarantine:

    • they can be marked as present - remote and participate by completing Google Classroom Assignments

  3. Length of quarantine is determined by the DOH. Quarantine is 10 days - day 1 is the last known contact with COVID positive person. The student can return to school on Day 11.

  4. Impact of vaccination - If a student is fully vaccinated quarantine does not need to occur, unless symptoms arise.  

  5. Quarantine information will be provided to those individuals who need to know (administration, transportation) so students are kept out of school until their return date.

Steps for Isolation (isolation - positive case)

  1. Student tests positive for COVID - must isolate for 10 days or for dates determined by the Department of Health

  1. The Department of Health notifies District COVID Coordinators or the parent notifies the school nurse of a positive case.  Contact Tracing must be completed

  1. All information will be shared via email to administration and the Director of Transportation by the end of the day. 

Steps for Contact Tracing
When a student has been deemed positive by the Monroe County Department of Health OR the School Nurse has received a direct result from the student’s parent of a positive case, Contact Tracing must occur immediately to ensure the safety of our students.
  1. Nurse will notify COVID Coordinator if a positive case is reported by the parent.  If a positive case is reported by DOH on a daily list, the nurse and building principal will be notified.

  1. Once a positive case has been identified dates of exposure will be identified and communicated to the building Principal and School Nurse.

  1. Principal/AP (as well as Director of Athletics and Fine Arts, where applicable) will identify the students who were a close contact to the student on the date(s) of exposure.  This includes any students who are within 6 feet of the student, when either are without a mask, for 15 minutes or more.

  1. The Director of Transportation will also be notified, if necessary for contact tracing.

  1. COVID Coordinator will be provided with names and grade of students who are deemed to be close contacts.  The COVID Coordinator will then notify the Department of Health.

  1. Building Administration or COVID Coordinator will notify parents of the need for their child (who is a close contact) to Quarantine.  

  2. If contact is fully vaccinated then the student does not have to quarantine. The information will be shared with the department of health.

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