Middle School 5-6 Health Education Program

Our Mission and Goals

The mission of the Churchville-Chili Health Education Program is to build comprehensive health knowledge and skills in developmentally appropriate ways in grades K-12, in an effort to prepare and empower students to value and engage in life-long healthy lifestyles which will allow them to reach their fullest potential and assure that they become productive, responsible citizens.

The learning standards for this curriculum are based on the New York State Standards for Health and Physical Education and allow students to have multiple opportunities to learn through a planned and sequential instructional program. The Health Education Program is viewed as an integral part of a student’s academic learning and is a valuable component of a well-rounded education.

Elementary school students will receive health instruction in their classroom and in their Physical Education classes. The three disciplines of Health Education, Physical Education, and Family and Consumer Science will together provide the setting for the practice of skills and the presentation of standards in grades 5-12.

Our goal is to reduce risk behaviors and increase healthy habits which will promote strong bonds between students and their families, schools, and community. This will be achieved through the students’ increased health literacy, the development of healthy self-management skills, and through the advocacy of their healthy behaviors and practices. The acquisition of these will be undertaken in active, student-centered, non-threatening environments in which students are challenged to do their best in developing the foundation of healthy, life-long habits.

Units of Study

With Health and Wellness as foundation for all units, lessons, and classes, students participating in our Health Education Program encounter a wide variety of topics ranging from basic hygiene skills to in-depth lessons regarding growth and development of the human body. Each unit / lesson is based upon the New York State Standards for Health and Physical Education, which include Personal Health and Fitness, A Safe and Healthy Environment, and Resource Management. 

Our fifth and sixth grade programs are designed as “foundation” courses, where students will acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to reach their fullest potential and guide them in achieving their short-term and long-term health and wellness goals. In addition, a variety of learning methods are used, including projects / presentations, small-group work, whole-class work, debates / discussions, taking notes, co-teaching, and working at centers. Technology is incorporated into each lesson through the use of Chromebooks and Google Classroom, as well as multiple Health Education websites.     

The 5th grade program focuses on three units of study:
      - Health & Wellness (part 1)
      - The 11 Human Body Systems
      - The Five Senses
* Along with these, students in 5th grade also participate in the D.A.R.E. America Program (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) which is taught once per week for ten weeks by a Deputy from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department.         

The 6th grade program focuses on six units of study:
      - Health & Wellness (part 2)
      - Mental Health / Stress Management / Suicide Prevention
      - Decision Making & Goal Setting Skills
      - Substance Use & Abuse (alcohol, vaping, & marijuana) 
      - H.I.V./A.I.D.S.
      - Growth & Development (puberty) 

For both the 5th grade and 6th grade programs, students are required to bring the following items to class daily:
      - Chromebook
      - Earbuds or headphones 
      - 2-pocket folder
      - Pen or pencil   

About the Instructor

The 5th and 6th grade Health Education program at Churchville-Chili Middle School is instructed by Katie Pynn. Mrs. Pynn received a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Education from S.U.N.Y. Brockport, as well as a Master’s Degree in Physical Education & Health Promotion from Mississippi State University, and has been a teacher with Churchville-Chili for over twenty years. If at any time you have questions or concerns, you can contact Mrs. Pynn directly via e-mail at [email protected] or at 585-293-4245 ext. 5999.
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