Fine Arts Livestreaming
Events hosted in our Churchville-Chili Performing Arts Center will be livestreamed and can be viewed on the CC Fine Arts YouTube Channel. 


The Churchville-Chili Central School District's first goal centers on our core business - teaching and learning:

"Engage all students in learner-centered instructional experiences based on state standards and rigorous district curriculum that leads to mastery on local, state, and national assessments, graduation, and the transfer and application of learning into their lives."

To that end, our staff is working collaboratively to provide a classroom environment which is supportive while implementing a common curriculum which is aligned to the New York State standards.  At the same time, we are committed to providing instruction which requires our students to think, dialogue, debate, make meaning, and take responsibility for their learning.

Our Principles of Learner-Centered Instruction include:
  • Learners working collaboratively in a respectful and meaningful manner
  • Learners using effective communication to create, share, and build upon ideas
  • Learners taking responsibility for their own learning by setting goals and monitoring progress
  • Learners making relevant connections between what they are learning and their own lives
  • Learners using critical thinking skills to develop and refine their understandings
  • Learners having some autonomy and choice
  • Learners reflecting on their work and the work of others
  • Learners using technology as a tool for learning and communicating
  • Learners developing their own questions to guide their learning
  • Learners producing meaningful work that demonstrates learning
  • Learners persevering and using a variety of strategies to effectively solve problems
  • Learners energized by engaging learning experiences

Professional learning opportunities for staff include:  instructional coaching, in-district workshops focusing upon learner-centered practices, instructional technology, and collegial book study groups. New teachers are supported through our mentor program and monthly training sessions.

The Office of Instruction coordinates curriculum writing and review projects with school level and district-wide instructional leaders, administrators and teaching staff.  Program supports for all courses of study, as well as Enrichment, Response to Intervention supports, and ELL services are maintained through this office.  District data, NYS assessment data, demographics, and attendance are reviewed and coordinated to ensure the State Education requirements are met.

The Instructional Administrators are:

The Office of Instruction is led by the Assistant Superintendent for Instruction and directly supported by:

  • Kathy Withrow, Secretary
  • Stacy White, Secretary, part-time
  • June Mead, District Registrar
  • Sue DeFrancesco, Data Analyst
Giulio Bosco, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction

Giulio Bosco
Assistant Superintendent for Instruction
293-1800 ext. 2310
[email protected]

Photo of Kathy Withrow

Kathy Withrow
293-1800 ext. 2310

Portrait of Sue DeFrancesco

Sue DeFrancesco
Data Analyst
293-1800 ext. 2045
[email protected]

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