High School P.E. Program

C.C.H.S. Physical Education Classes

Mr. Pynn 9/10 PE                                    Mrs. Johnson 9/10 PE                                           
Phone Ext: 1360                                      Phone Ext: 3675
Email: [email protected]                       Email: [email protected]

Mr. Tabone 11/12 PE                              Mr. Lapinski 11/12 PE and Adapted PE
Phone Ext: 2670                                      Phone Ext:2670
Email: [email protected]                   Email: [email protected] 
Mrs. Hernandez Dance/Health            Mr. Glor PE/Health 
Phone Ext: 5675                                      Phone Ext: 3660 
Email: [email protected]              Email: [email protected] 

What Students Need To Know For Success
Changed for Participation – Students must be changed for physical activity. The below clothing items are acceptable for you to wear in Physical Education class. Being prepared as stated below-you are eligible to earn full credit.

  • Sneakers that tie/velcro to your feet
  • A shirt with sleeves ( T-shirt/Hoodie)
  • Shorts or sweatpants
  • Jeans/Cargo Pants/Khakis are not considered dressed to participate

If you are NOT wearing the above ----you are unprepared and your daily grade will be negatively impacted! All clothing must meet the code of conduct guidelines-please review your agenda for those guidelines.

Participate in All Portions of the Class –   Full credit will only be earned for students who participate throughout the 84-minute class period. Your points for each class (total of 10) will be based on participation in all activities, teacher assignments given during class, and effort demonstrated by each individual student. Students who give their best effort and participate to the best of their ability will be very successful in class.

PERC– PERC Stands for Polite, Engaged, Respectful, and Cooperative. This is expected of all students in the PE classroom. We expect all students to treat classmates and teachers the way that they would like to be treated, each and every day. We ask that students respect our facilities and equipment.

Do Not Leave the Class Until You are Dismissed! – Students are expected to remain in the gym until the bell rings.

Make-up Policy
If you are absent, unprepared or excused from class, you will have the opportunity to make up the work you missed.
Note: Illegal absences cannot be made up and are an automatic Zero (0).

  1. All Make ups are after school 2:00-3:00 on Mondays ONLY!!
  2. TAD Day: (Teacher Approved Day)

Each student will be given one (1) TAD (Teacher Approved Day) per quarter. (Examples: Excused Absence, Music lessons, SAFE, Project Adept, and college visits.) Any additional days missed will need to be made up to earn credit. Students must communicate missed dates prior to absence with their teacher. Open, honest and effective communication between student and teacher is needed to earn a TAD day

Medical Project
Any student who is medically excused from Physical Education will be given a Medical Project of written work that will be used to determine your grade. Projects will only be given out when the student presents a doctor’s note for a long term excuse.

Locks and Lockers and Other Items
LOCK UP ALL ITEMS YOU HAVE EACH DAY IN YOUR OWN LOCKER. The PE Dept strongly recommends not bringing valuables to the gym, and is not responsible for items that are lost, misplaced or stolen. We suggest buying a Master’s Brand combination lock to secure your items. If your belongings are locked up…they will not be stolen!!!
Remove all jewelry before class and lock it in your locker. If needed…items can be secured with your teacher’s help.
The Physical Education Department is not responsible for any valuable items that are left in the locker room lost or stolen.

“Carry In…Carry Out” – All Physical Education students will have access to a locker. You must REMOVE your lock at the end of each class and take your items with you. Any locks left on lockers will be cut off – and items removed!

Fitness Assessments
Recent studies show the benefit of practicing basic human movement skills. As such, our district is moving away from traditional fitness testing such as the Fitnessgram. The PE Department is adopting Strength and Conditioning Assessments as part of our curriculum. These assessments will help students growth and development by creating lifelong healthy movement patterns.

At anytime during the school year please feel free to contact your student’s PE teacher. We are committed to providing your child with the best possible experience as well as educating them through the physical.

Class Activities: The following units may be completed in 9/10 and 11/12
Ice Breaker Adventure Games              Yoga
Mindfulness                                              Ultimate Frisbee
Foot Golf/Soccer                                       Self Defense
Volleyball                                                   Archery Indoor/Outdoor
Eclipse Ball                                                Floor Hockey
Geocaching                                               Snowshoe
Cross Country Skiing                               Rock Wall
Strength and Conditioning                     Biking
Team Handball                                         Sackett
Pickleball                                                    Badminton

Tennis                                                         Basketball  

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