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District Mission, Goals, Core Beliefs & Learner-Centered Principles

Churchville-Chili Mission Statement

The Churchville-Chili Central School District challenges all students to strive for excellence while developing their unique talents and becoming respectful, resourceful citizens and contributing members of an interconnected global society.
What drives district decisions?
We use a well-defined set of Goals, Core Beliefs and Learner-Centered Principles to guide all district decisions. 

District Goals (updated fall 2020)

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The Churchville-Chili Central School District, within its community to include our Board of Education, Superintendent, staff, families and students will strive to:  

Teaching and Learning
Engage all students in learner-centered instructional experiences based on state standards and rigorous district curriculum that leads to mastery on local, state, national assessments, graduation, and the transfer and application of learning into their lives 
Develop civic-minded, culturally respectful, responsible, well-rounded, goal-oriented graduates who strive to be lifelong learners 
Foster social, emotional, and physical well-being in our school community  
Communicate effectively with stakeholders, emphasizing quality and service  
Cost Effectiveness
Promote cost effectiveness; develop and manage a budget that provides a quality education in a fiscally responsible manner 
Equity and Access: 
Provide access and inclusivity for all to achieve equity  
Safe School Environment
Provide quality facilities that are well maintained 
Safe and Secure Environment
Sustain a safe and secure school environment 
Integrate and utilize technological resources to enhance and improve teaching and learning, communication, and school operations 

District Core Beliefs

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The Churchville-Chili Central School District, within its community to include our Board of Education, Superintendent, staff, families and students believe:
  • In treating each other with mutual respect, dignity and honesty.
  • In respecting and preserving all of our school resources.
  • That respecting diversity affirms individual worth and benefits the community.
  • That everyone deserves a welcoming and nurturing environment that fosters positive relationships.
  • Everyone learns best when they are engaged in meaningful, active work.
  • Everyone needs to take ownership for advancing the learning of themselves and others.
  • In promoting and modeling local, national and global citizenship for the greater good.

District Learner-Centered Principles

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  • Learners working collaboratively in a respectful and meaningful manner
  • Learners using effective communication to create, share, and build upon ideas
  • Learners taking responsibility for their own learning by setting goals and monitoring progress
  • Learners making relevant connections between what they are learning and their own lives
  • Learners using critical thinking skills to develop and refine their understandings
  • Learners having some autonomy and choice
  • Learners reflecting on their work and the work of others
  • Learners using technology as a tool for learning and communicating
  • Learners developing their own questions to guide their learning
  • Learners producing meaningful work that demonstrates learning
  • Learners persevering and using a variety of strategies to effectively solve problems
  • Learners energized by engaging learning experiences
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