UPK Lottery & Fine Arts Announcements
UPK Lottery Applications
CCCSD is currently accepting applications for the Universal Prekindergarten (UPK) lottery for the fall of 2023. If you are a district resident and your child will be 4 years old by Dec.1, 2023, you may apply for the UPK lottery. The UPK program is available at no cost to district families. Deadline to apply is Jan.6, 2023.

Fine Arts Livestreaming
Please use this link to access the livestreaming for our Winter Concert Series

Chromebook Protection Plan

Students assigned a district device are responsible for all damages whether intentional or accidental. Responsibility for repair caused by a malfunction or maintenance issue will be determined by the Churchville-Chili School District’s Information Technology Department.
Enrollment Information
The Chromebook Insurance Coverage Program is optional and provides an inexpensive solution for parents to reduce the financial burden if an accident or theft occurs.
Parents/guardians may decline to participate in the Chromebook Insurance Coverage Program, but will be fully responsible for any associated cost for damage or theft. The Chromebook Insurance Coverage Program will cover one school year (August to August) and is non-refundable.
Payment can be made online through the parent portal: https://www.cccsd.org/Portal or paid in cash or check when the student receives their Chromebook. Cash/check payment can also be made through the school main office.
Annual Cost:
August – August
  • $15 Full Cost
  • $7 if Eligible for Free & Reduced Lunch Program
Prorated cost for new entrants after Feb. 1:
February --- August
  • $10 Full Cost
  • $3 if Eligible for Free & Reduced Lunch Program
Coverage and deductibles with the Protection Plan:
Accidental Damage Deductible:
1st Incident: $0 2nd Incident: $0
3rd Incident: Full Cost
Loss/Stolen Deductible:
1st Incident: $50 2nd Incident: $100
3rd Incident: Full Cost
Not covered under the Protection Plan:
  • Missing AC Charging Cable ($20)
  • Missing protective case/bag ($25)
  • Intentional damage
- Loss/Stolen without a copy of the police report (work with district administration if the device goes missing while the
student is in district)
Example of costs without the Protection Plan:
  • Screen Replacement: $150
  • Water Damage: $150
  • Keyboard: $60
- Loss/Stolen: $300

> If a protective case was issued with the chromebook, it should be kept on the device at all times. Only IT staff is allowed to remove the protective case.
> If the lost or stolen Chromebook is later recovered in working condition, the fine will be refunded
> If a student leaves the district, but does not return the Chromebook, they will be billed for the full replacement cost, and standard rules for the restriction of student records and transcripts would apply. Law enforcement may be involved for the purpose of recovering district property
> If you choose not to enroll in the Churchville-Chili School District Chromebook Coverage Program, you will be financially responsible for the full cost for the repair or replacement of the Chromebook.

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