CCCSD Reopening Frequently Asked Questions - 2021-22

1. Will students and staff be required to wear masks? Yes, we will be requiring universal masking for all students and staff indoors, regardless of vaccination status. Outdoor masking will be optional. 

2. Will mask breaks be allowed? Yes, mask breaks will be allowed whenever possible. Each school has a plan in place to ensure consistency throughout the building (check with school principal for details). 

3. What are you going to do when students arrive at school without a mask? Our commitment is to get students back to school five days a week. Universal masking and physical distancing will help us remain open, even if there is a community increase in COVID-19 cases. We are hopeful that our community will support us in this effort by sending their students to school with a mask. Students who arrive without a mask will be provided with one. 

4. Will physical distancing be required? Yes, at the extent practicable, 3 feet of physical distance will be utilized, especially when participating in indoor activities where masks are removed (i.e. music, physical education). 

5. Will you be testing students in school? Yes, students may be tested if parent permission is given beginning in October. A plan is currently being developed for a percentage of surveillance testing in each school weekly.

6. Will there be a 100% remote or hybrid program offered? No, our commitment is to get all students back to school, in person, five days a week. Therefore, there will not be a remote or hybrid program offered. 

7. Will high school students be back full-time? Yes, all prekindergarten-12 students will be back full-time this year. 

8. Will extracurricular activities be offered? Yes, extracurricular activities, music and fine arts, athletics and robotics will be offered beginning in September or October. We are still assessing the viability of field trips based upon availability of transportation and COVID transmission rates in district, along with requirements of the location to be visited. 

9. Will you be requiring vaccinations for students? No, CCCSD is not requiring vaccinations. Only the State can require a vaccination for students. 

10. Will you be requiring vaccinations for staff? No, vaccinations are not required for staff. However, for those staff members who are unvaccinated, weekly testing will be implemented beginning October 4, 2021.

11. Is there a plan to offer vaccinations to those students who have not yet been immunized? We work with the County Health Department and at this time do not have a vaccination clinic scheduled. 

12. How will you accommodate children with serious medical conditions? We will work with families of students who have serious medical conditions that require a nontraditional setting. We ask those families to contact our Director of Pupil Service Nicole Neal at [email protected]

13. How will you address students’ social-emotional needs? We realize that students and families were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic differently. Our school leaders, counselors, social workers, teachers and staff will be focused on a supportive return to school for all students. In addition, we have hired a new Coordinator of Social-Emotional Wellness to assist our mental health team in addressing student needs. If you have specific concerns related to your child, please reach out to your school counselor or principal. 

14. Will elementary students have parent volunteers? At this time we are waiting to implement classroom visitors and/or volunteers. Given the transmission rate lessens, we may be able to offer these opportunities; however, weekly testing may be required (similar to staff if unvaccinated).

15. Will school assemblies happen? Yes, we are planning to have school assemblies, open houses, etc. this school year. All visitors will need to follow our masking and distancing protocols. 

16. Will students have access to lockers this year? Yes, all students will have access to their lockers this year. 

17. Will elementary students be able to eat in the cafeteria? Yes, students will be able to eat in the cafeteria. Students will be asked to put their mask back on after finishing their meal during the lunch period.

18. What are the plans for busing? CCCSD buses will run as they have in the past. Masks will be required, windows and roof vents will be open to allow for air flow, and frequent sanitizing will be continued and seating charts will be created.

19. Will students have a virtual day of school if there is a snow day? No, traditional snow days will be announced, when needed.

20. Will you be requiring daily screening using PikMyKid again? No, daily screenings are no longer required by New York State. However, we will be asking families and staff to complete a one-time attestation at the beginning of the school year. 

21.Will we receive information on COVID-19 cases at CCCSD? We receive confirmation of official COVID cases from the Monroe County Department of Health. All cases are entered into the NYS COVID Dashboard, which is available at the following link: NYS COVID Dashboard. We will include the information in our weekly eNews newsbrief. 

22. For middle and high schoolers, are students required to bring Chromebooks to their classes on a daily basis? Yes, students in grades 5-12 should bring their charged Chromebooks to and from school each day. Students in K-4 will be issued a Chromebook, but that device will typically remain in the classroom. A distribution plan will be put into effect should a class or school be quarantined. 

23. What is the plan if schools have to close again? If we are required to close by New York State, we will provide instruction through Google Classroom (both synchronous and asynchronous options, along with Zoom). More specific details will be provided at that time.

24. Can parents eat lunch with their students at school? Not yet. Due to masking and distancing, we are unable to allow this opportunity. We will continue to monitor this and keep you updated. 

25. What will be the procedure for students/staff who are exposed to COVID-19? Will they be quarantined? All decisions regarding quarantining will be made by the Monroe County Department of Health. Our understanding is that if both parties are wearing masks and not less than 6’, those in contact with the infected individual will not need to quarantine. In addition, if a vaccinated individual is exposed, they may not need to quarantine, but will be required to get a COVID test 3 to 5 days after exposure. If the test is positive, that individual will need to quarantine. 

26. What research do you have that masking works? The Monroe County Department of Health shared this link to an article that breaks down the information from 49 peer reviewed studies that support the efficacy of masking. 

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