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First 8 letters of first name + First 8 letters of last name + ccXX (XX = Graduation Year)
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*Do not include special characters in district username

What is CC Apps?
It is a suite of online tools, powered by Google, that allows students to have access to their work anytime/anywhere. Students are are also able to work collaboratively on documents, presentations, spreadsheets and websites. Every K-12 student has access to a Gmail account that can be used to communicate with other students or Churchville-Chili teachers and staff.
 CC Apps for Students CC Apps for Staff

What is the benefit of having CC Apps?
The applications are very similar to those available to the public but CC Apps is in a private domain administered by our Technology Department. This means that student communications and the ability to share work are limited to individuals within our domain (other Churchville-Chili students, teachers and staff). Students can not send or receive emails from outside email accounts (Yahoo, public Gmail, or other accounts). This ensures our students' safety when they are using these tools in their school work. 
CC AppsGoogle Apps via free Gmail account
Email communications restricted to our domain (Churchville-Chili students, teachers and staff)Anyone can send email to the account, no restrictions in place
Student work and information is private and can only be shared with collaborators from within the Churchville-Chili domainGoogle sometimes shares email information and application information to third party sites when using a Google account to login
Access to applications are defined and controlled by the district. Only educationally appropriate apps will be available to studentsUsers have access to all apps available to Google Accounts
Can my student access these tools from home?
Yes. Students have access to these tools and their work anytime they have access to an internet enabled device. This means if they have a smartphone with a data plan they could access their school information from anywhere. If they have a laptop, tablet or any other device they can access their account as long as it is internet enabled whether it is connected directly or via Wi-Fi.

Where can I get more help with CC Apps?
Google Apps for Education Training Center
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