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Each budget season political obstacles create a challenge as we work to develop a spending plan that provides a high quality education for our students. The three factors that continue to stand in the way of a positive, progressive, student-friendly budget are:

1. New York State Freeze
In 2008, New York State froze Foundation Aid, special formulas that gave school districts funding based on enrollment. If Foundation Aid had not been halted seven years ago, Churchville-Chili would have received an estimated $50,116,089 additional aid.

2. New York State Tax Control
The Tax Cap:
Planning a budget involves a variety of factors that take into consideration everything from state funding to local taxes. Governor Cuomo is not only forthcoming with state funding via Education Reforms/Foundation Aid issues, but is also forcing school districts to obtain a supermajority of residents (2/3 voter approval) to approve any budget that exceeds their mandated tax cap. Although we will remain at or below this tax cap, we believe responsible school districts and their constituents, the people closest to their student and community needs, should have the right to decide if, when and how their budgets will affect tax levies.

3. New York State Control
Education Reforms…Principal/Teacher Evaluations:
  • New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo is proposing a series of education reforms. Cuomo is recommending withholding state funding to school districts unless our legislators agree to all of the proposed reforms. We do not believe he has this authority.
  • Churchville-Chili has a long-standing tradition of excellence in education, led by the knowledge, fiscal accountability and stewardship, and concern of a Board of Education elected by this community, for this community.
What Can You Do?
There are several things you can do to ensure our children are receiving the best education possible. In addition to staying informed on the latest issues affecting education, you can advocate for our students by writing our district and state representatives. Contact information for your representatives can be found below.
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