21st Century Learning Environments

The Churchville-Chili Central Schools recognizes that our students needs are changing and we are committed to providing a learning environment to our students that is technology rich and aligns to the International Society of Technology Education (ISTE) National Education Technology Standards.  

Over the past two school years, the district has implemented a number of pilot classrooms to research, develop, design and implement a 21st CLE Classroom model.  A classroom environment which incorporates:  learning and innovation skills, digital literacy skills, and career and life skills.

Our Vision
Create a 21st Century Classroom model and build the capacity needed to infuse technology into our curriculum and instruction, further enhance our learner-centered principles and help to inform district policy and regulations.    

We began in the 2012-2013 school year with pilots in the following grades/buildings:
  • Elementary - Each elementary school has one 21st Century Classroom
  • Middle School - One LOTE classroom
  • Senior High School - LOTE classrooms (French 9,10) and Spanish 3,4 and AP Spanish, AP English/US History

Classrooms are using key technologies that provide students with the ability to work collaboratively, create for an authentic audience and task as well as develop personal responsibility for their own learning.  

Below is an example of the work that our students are doing here at Churchville-Chili.  The students worked collaboratively to develop a movie called The Juice Box Bully as part of their common core speaking and school wide anti-bullying initiative.  The movie and credits were created using an iPad and iMovie.

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