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CCCD's Google Docs & Apps CCCD's Google Docs & Apps

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CCCD's Google Docs & Apps

For those who are interested, all student accounts now also have a Google Apps account that is managed through the district domain and provides the student with an email address for use within the district for school use only.  This allows you to collaborate in real-time with your team.

To access Google APPS (including Google Docs and gmail accounts)

Go to

Login:  Students login is their district email account.  This is the student’s id plus

So for student Bob Smith it might look like (please note if your student id has only 5 numbers you will add a zero after the @ symbol for example

Password:  It is the same password that you use to login to computers at school.

Any Student Last Name that contains an ' as part of the first two characters, the ' is removed from username, ie O'Connel = OC not O'

CCCSD Google Apps explained - follow this link.

Google Apps Tranining Center - follow this link.

Google Forms - follow this link. 

Google Drive & Google Docs video tutorials

     Google Drive

     Google Docs

     Sharing files and folders

     Organizing Documents


     Forms (covered more slowly in 16 mini lessons)

     Advanced Sharing and Permissions

     Third-Party Apps

When you create a Google Doc you can share the document with your peers and your teacher.  When you do, all with whom you have shared your document can edit the document (at the same time).  In this manner all members of the "share group" have the latest version of the document, including your teacher.  For instructions on how the share your documents with your peers click here.

When creating a Google Doc for my courses please share with me using my e-mail address

Mr. Zenkert
Churchville-Chili Senior High School
5786 Buffalo Rd.
Churchville, NY 14428
(585) 293-4540 ext. 5865

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