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Superintendent's Message

Ms. Lori Orologio - click for larger image
Ms. Lori Orologio

Dear Churchville-Chili Families and Community Members,

It has been a terrific opening to the school year.  We appreciate that so many students, families and community members are attending school/grade level orientations, extracurricular events, and athletic contests.  We want to thank our students, parents and staff for being so patient with the capital project work at Churchville Elementary and Chestnut Ridge.  It is anticipated that the CRS library will be completely renovated by the end of October and we will be holding our December 9 Board of Education meeting in the CRS library to enjoy a first-hand tour of all renovated rooms and spaces.

The Board of Education, Mr. Johnson (CES Principal) and I were thrilled to be able to have a special re-dedication tree ceremony in conjunction with Mr. Gil Budd, Commander of Harvey C. Noone American Legion Post 954 to honor our Veterans.  Due to construction, we needed to remove some memorial trees and plant new trees.  It was a community event that we will never forget.

Given our instructional goals, we are continuing to focus upon increasing learning experiences that encourage students to solve problems, work collaboratively and utilize technology to enhance learning in a meaningful way.  Approximately 220 students have enrolled in their first International Baccalaureate course, which we are so excited to be offering. 

We are growing digital device access for students.  Our kindergarteners continue to have access to iPad Mini’s in Centers and all students in grades 3 through 8 will have a 1:1 netbook for use during the school day.  Students will receive keyboarding instruction in third grade.  Our students enrolled in a Junior level course have received an iPad for use throughout the school year utilizing a “Moodle” learning platform.   Staff has been offered a wide variety of training to assist them in utilizing technology in daily lessons based upon updated curriculum.

As we look to the future of growing occupations in our community and New York State, we have started collaboration with a few local businesses to bring 21st Century Skill awareness to our staff and skill preparation for our students.  We are looking for additional business partnerships to embed problem solving skills and real-world problems into our classroom lessons. 

In closing, thank you for your support with the implementation of our upgraded security systems and software.  New processes are not always easy; however, in working together, this change has been received positively.

 I am looking forward to seeing you at upcoming school and community events.  Enjoy the fall weather and scenery.


Lori Orologio

Superintendent of Schools